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Vol 5, 2002, 1 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

  • Geology and Mineralogy

    Geology and Mineralogy

    Dudkin O.B.
    Phanerozoic weathering crusts in the alkaline massifs of the Kola region

    Skuf'in P.K.
    The formation analysis of the Pechenga Early Proterozoic volcanic rocks (the North-East Baltic Shield)

    Sorokhtin N.O.
    Climate in the Precambrian and the Guron glaciation origin

    Gavrilenko B.V., Nikitin I.V., Zozulya D.R., Kudryashov N.M., Petrovsky M.N., Korsakova O.P. and Galkin N.N.
    Geology, tectonics, age and metallogeny of the Archaean Kolmozero-Voron'ya suture zone, the Kola region

    Voloshin A.V., Pakhomovsky Ya.A. and Sorokhtina N.V.
    Composition of the gadolinite group minerals from the amazonitic randpegmatites of the Kola Peninsula

    Voytekhovsky Yu.L.
    Biomineral homologues as a new direction of scientific research

    Kozlov N.Ye., Martynov Ye.V., Kozlova N.Ye., Ivanov A.A., Smirnov Yu.P. and Kolodkina A.V.
    Geologic-petrogeochemical features and metamorphism of Archaen rocks of the North-Eastern Pechenga as a criteria of their choice as deep homologues of the Kola Superdeep Borehole

    Neradovsky Yu.N., Rundkvist T.V., Galkin A.S. and Kliment'ev V.N.
    To the problem of the Sopcha "horizon-330" PGE bearing and its industrial usage (the Monchegorsk pluton)

    Petrovsky M.N. and Vinogradov A.N.
    Geological model of the late Archaean Porosozersky granitoid massif (the Kola Peninsula)

    Negrutsa B.Z. and Negrutsa T.F.
    Sedimentation aspects of the Precambrian history of Phanerosoic

    Dudkin K.O. and Rundkvist T.V.
    On the connection of magnetic anomalies with the distribution of brown plagioclases in the Pansky massif

    Korsakova O.P.
    The weathering crust in the Sopchyavr lake depression and possible formation of the precious metal placers

    Pripachkin P.V. and Rundkvist T.V.
    Brown plagioclases in the Fedorova-Pana massif gabbronorites

    Karzhavin V.K. and Voloshina Z.M.
    Thermodynamic analysis of equilibrium processes in complex natural systems

    Karzhavin V.K.
    Heat effects and concentration of magmatic melt impurities during the intrusive formation

    Yegorov D.G.
    Transformation and transfer of the substance in the Earth crust shear zones: application of the conception to ground the genesis of the banded iron formation of the Kola Peninsula