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Vol 7, 2004, 2 No

Philosophical Sciences

  • Philosophy
  • Economics and Philosophy


    Perov Yu.B.
    The history of philosophy in modern philosophical knowledge

    Kuzmenko G.P., Solonin Yu.N.
    The problem of philosophy as a strict science in the rationalism paradigm

    Volkova T.P.
    Liberals and communitarists: the discussion on social justice continues

    Gorbunova L.I.
    The social relations in Gegel's philosophy

    Ezhova E.A.
    Spiritual sources of philosophical anarchism, stages of its development and the problem of definition

    Zhelnina Z.Yu.
    The philosophical problems of upbringing and education in the projects of society perfection in the Decembrists' heritage

    Zhigunova G.V.
    The social and political ideal of Russia in Slavophile philosophy

    Lebedeva N.A.
    Religious and philosophical ideas in the age of Russian Enlightenment

    Lukovkin S.B.
    Philosophical problems of rationalism on transition to informational society

    Khokhlova L.I.
    The principle of Universe in interpretation of Russian cosmists

    Nikolaeva T.A.
    Masonry in Russia: From the beginnings till the final prohibition

    Nikulina N.N.
    The philosophical grounds of the idea of progress in the social conception of N.V. Shelgunov

    Posnov I.V.
    The legal philosophy of the end of the XIX century

    Ryabinina T.V.
    On the problem of the moral feminization

    Sokhranyaeva T.V.
    Education as an element of strategy of the information society development

    Tuchkova T.V.
    The analysis of factors of national character formation in the modern social and psychological researches

    Tsylev V.R.
    The concepts of a myth of Russian religious thinkers

    Shtets T.P.
    The Russian philosophical poetry at the boundary of the XIX-XX centuries as a phenomenon of history of the Russian philosophy

    Economics and Philosophy

    Kostyukevich V.F.
    Political socialization of youth as a part of state youth policy

    Ryabev V.V.
    Civil political culture as a premise for formation of modern Russian civil society

    Kostina L.M.
    Game correction of anxiety of preschool age children