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Vol 9, 2006, 5 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Zhirov V.K., Khaitbaev A.H., Govorova A.F., Gontar O.B.
Interaction of structures of organization different levels and plant adaptation strategies

Gontar O.B., Zhirov V.K., Khaitbaev A.Kh., Govorova A.F.
Age aspects of plant adaptation in harsh environmental conditions

Khaitbaev A.H., Laskin P.V., Zhirov V.K.
On the balance of plant mineral nutrition elements in the agroecosystem system of the Murmansk region

Gorbunova S.I., Grokhovsky V.A.
Spice and vegetable plants under the conditions of Murmansk

Gorbunova S.I.
On the germinability of woody and frutescent plants in Murmansk

Koroleva N.E.
The zonal tundra of the Kola Peninsula – a reality or mistake?

Polyakova A.N.
Macro-lichens of some mountain canyons of the Central and Western Khibiny

Antsiferova A.V.
The state of sea-cucumber gonads Cucumaria frondosa of the Barents Sea during autumn-winter period

Yurko O.D.
Estimation of the zooplankton community spatial homogeneity in the Kola Bay

Minchonok E.E., Zhuravlyova N.G.
On some protective phenomena of young salmon and humpback salmon

Trofimova V.V., Oleinik A.A., Makarevich P.R.
Photosynthetic pigments of phytoplankton in the southern part of the Kola bay (Barents Sea) in the winter-vernal period

Rysakova K.S., Novikov V.Yu., Mukhin V.A., Ovchinnikova S.I.
Research of chitinolythetic activity in digestive organs of hydroinvertebrates of the Barents Sea

Smirnova E.B., Mukhin V.A., Novikov V.Yu.
Temperature influence on activity of aquatic invertebrates' digestive proteinase

Nekhaev I.O.
The peculiarities of distribution of limnetic molluscs of the family Planorbidae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata) in the northwestern part of the Murmansk region

Dvoretsky V.G., Pakhomova N.A.
The comparative characteristic of Oithona similis (Claus) populations in waters of the Pechora Sea and Eastern Murman near-shore area

Dubrovin N.S.
On the main aspects of distribution of Chlamys islandica on the Severo-Kanin bank of the Barents Sea

Ovchinnikova S.I.
The ecobiochemical hydrobionts' researches – an important direction for solving the problem of preservation of the Kola North ecosystem biodiversity

Ovchinnikova S.I. 7 c. 6 сс. 5 табл
On the chemical content dynamics of tissues of cod family Gadidae during the storage under low temperatures (–28?С)

Pokhol'chenko L.A.
On changes of biochemical characteristics of young Salmo salar at freezing and storage under low temperatures

Mikhnyuk O.V.
On changes of nitrogen-containing compounds in brook trout muscular tissue at long low temperature storage

Peretrukhina I.V., Il'insky V.V., Litvinova M.Yu.
On hydrocarbon degradation rate of petroleum hydrocarbons in the Kola Bay

Kudasov V.I.
On heavy metals contamination of the Kola Bay water according to research held in 2001-2004...

Kovalyov I.V.
The modern hydrochemical condition of the Pechora Sea water area in the region of carbohydrate test boring

Semenikhina M.E.
On some aspects of radioecological monitoring of environment near the Kola Nuclear Power Plant

Chuprunov A.A., Smelov A.Yu., Dauvalter V.A.
Volumetric activity of air ground layer and atmospheric precipitation near the Kola Nuclear Power Station

Trotsenko A.A., Zhuravlyova N.G.
Influence of ecological factors on nonspecific immunity of humans dwelling in the North

Dimova V.V., Yershov A.M., Grokhovsky V.A., Yershov M.A.
The theoretical basis of fish brining and calculation of brining time

Dimova V.V., Yershov A.M., Grokhovsky V.A.
Influence of different parameters on even brining of small fish and fillet

Yershov A.M., Maslov A.A., Sovlukov A.S., Fateev V.Ya., Yatsenko V.V.
Measuring of substance concentration in water solutions

Maksimova E.M.
Technology of protein wastes recycling by the enzymatic hydrolysis method

Kal'sina E.N., Beryoza I.G.
Application of adsorption technology for water conditioning of fish-processing plants…

Ivanova L.A., Kotelnikov V.V., Bykova A.E.
Physical and chemical transformation of vermiculite into substratum for plant growing

Petrova N.E., Baeva L.S.
Biocorrosion of ship hull