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Vol 12, 2009, 3 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Predovsky A.A., Tchikirev I.V.
Structural and formational aspect of endogenous gold deposit prediction

Negrutsa V.Z.
To the creation of the time and event model of an aeonothem

Kaulina T.V.
Final stages of the metamorphic evolution of the Kolvitsa Belt and Umba Block (south-eastern branch of the Lapland granulite belt): U-Pb dating on zircon, titanite, rutilev

Mitrofanov F.P., Predovsky A.A., Pripachkin V.A.
On the promising oil and gas content in the sedimentary rocks of the southwestern Kara-Barents Sea productive basin

Zhirova A.M., Glaznev V.N.
Application of physical rock properties to the solution of a complex geophysical task

Tyuremnov V.A.
Variation of the physical rock properties in the Barents Sea region and its frame depending on age

Skuf'in P.K., Elizarov D.V., Zhavkov V.A.
Geological and geochemical features of the South-Pechenga volcanics

Dubrovsky M.I.
Boninites: Petrochemistry, systematics, and petrogenesis

Sorokhtin N.O., Kozlov N.E., Martynov E.V., Kozlova N.E.
The Late Archaean comatiites: Certain aspects of ore content

Serov P.A., Yekimova N.A.
Potential of the Sm-Nd dating of ore processes using sulphides

Nerovich L.I., Bajanova T.B., Savchenko E.E., Serov P.A., Yekimova N.A.
New data on geology, petrography, isotope geochemistry and PGE mineralization of the Monchetundra intrusion

Korsakova O.P., Kolka V.V., Savchenko S.N.
Block structures of the Kola Peninsula, their resistance under the conditions of natural and technical systems (by the example of the Khibiny and Lovozero Mountains)

Mudruk S.V., Balagansky V.V.
Structural analysis of the Sergovo Palaeoproterozoic Fm of the SE Kola Peninsula (Baltic Shield)

Groshev N.Yu.
On the challenging gabbro in the intrusions of the peridotite-pyroxenite-gabbronorite formation by the example of the geological structure of the Fedorova Tundra top intrusion

Dauvalter V.A., Kashulin N.A., Sandimirov S.S., Ratkin N.E.
Evaluation of heavy metals (Ni and Cu) balance of the water-shed area of subarctic lake (case study of the Chunozero Lake)

Zenkova I.V., Pozharskaya V.V., Pokhil'ko A.A.
The materials regarding soil fauna of the Khibiny massif mass as exemplified by the Wudyavrchorr mountain

Denisov D.B., Kashulin N.A., Terent'ev P.M., Val'kova S.A.
Current trends in biota changes of the Khibiny mountains freshwater ecosystems

Svyatkovskaya E.A., Gontar' O.B., Trostenyuk N.N., Kostina V.A.
Species diversity and condition of the introduced tree species in different areas of urban vegetation of Apatity town

Trostenyuk N.N., Zhirov V.K., Svyatkovskaya E.A., Gontar' O.B.
The role of the seed exchange in the enlargement of the collection of the introduced grass vegetations of the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden