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Vol 15, 2012, 2 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences (Special Issue)

Arzamastsev A.A., Petrovsky M.N.
Alkaline volcanism in the Kola Peninsula, Russia: Paleozoic Khibiny, Lovozero and Kontozero calderas

Balagansky V.V., Mudruk S.V., Gorbunov I.A., Raevsky A.B.
Tectonics of detached middle crust in the north-eastern foreland of the Palaeoproterozoic Lapland-Kola collisional orogen, north-eastern Baltic Shield

Balashov Yu.A., Martynov E.V.
Correlation of oxygen fugacity in the mantle lithosphere between Ce+4/Ce+3 relation of zircons and petrological buffer FMQ

Chernyavsky A.V., Voytekhovsky Yu.L., Voloshin А.V., Savchenko E.E.
Ore minerals of the Panarechka epithermal low-sulphide Au-Ag deposit

Dubrovsky M.I.
Melt systems as the basis of paragenetic analysis of mineral assemblages in igneous rocks

Kaulina T.V.
Thermochronology of eclogitic rocks of the Kola Peninsula

Kolka V.V., Korsakova O.P.
Application of geological methods for dating of stone labyrinths on the White Sea coast

Masloboev V.A., Evdokimova G.A.
Bioremediation of oil product contaminated soils in conditions of North Near-Polar Area

Masloboev V.A., Makarov D.V., Nesterov D.P., Mazukhina S.I., Bocharova I.V., Menshikov Yu.P., Svetlov A.V.
Geoecological validation of mechanisms and parameters of physical-chemical processes facilitating the in-depth processing of complex suphide ores and mining wastes

Masloboev A.V., Putilov V.A., Yakovlev S.Yu.
Information technologies for industrial-ecological safety management support of regional mining complex development (on the example of "Apatit" mineral resource industry Public Corporation)

Mitrofanov F.P., Malitch K.N., Bayanova T.B., Korchagin A.U., Zhirov D.V.
Comparison of East-Scandinavian and Norilsk large plume mafic igneous provinces of PGE ores

Petrovskaya L.S., Bayanova T.B., Petrov V.P.
The Neoarchaean enderbite-granulite complex of the Central Kola block: Stages of evolution (Kola Peninsula)

Skuf'in P.K., Elizarov D.V.
Tuffisite rocks in the basement of the early Proterozoic Pechenga Structure

Sorokhtin N.O., Chilingarian G.V., Kozlov N.E., Nesterenko I.S.
Geodynamics of oil-and-gas structures of the Western part of the Arctic shelf of Eurasia

Sorokhtin N.O., Chilingarian G.V., Kozlov N.E., Nesterenko I.S.
Oil and gas prospects of the European part of the Arctic shelf of Russia

Vetrin V.R., Yakovlev Yu.N., Chupin V.P.
Sources of the terrigenous material in the formation of metasedimentary rocks of the Archaean basement of the Paleoproterozoic Pechenga structure

Vinogradov A.N., Baranov S.V.
Recent geodynamic regime of the Eurasia – North American interplate boundary: Evidences from seismology of Arctic

Voytekhovsky Yu.L., Neradovsky Yu.N.
Kyanite of the Bol'shiye Keivy as a complex raw material

Zhamaletdinov A.A.
Electron-conductive sulfide- and carbon-bearing structures in the continental Earth's crust ("SC layer by Semenov")

Zhamaletdinov A.A.
A new model of the Earth crust structure from results of the control source electromagnetic soundings

Zakharenko V.S.
Gas hydrates in the West Arctic sector: Prospects and problems

Karpov M.I., Zolotov O.V., Namgaladze A.A.
Modeling of the ionosphere response on the earthquake preparation

Romanovskaya Yu.V., Namgaladze A.A., Zolotov O.V., Starikova N.A., Lopatiy V.Z.
Searching for seismo-ionospheric earthquakes precursors: Total electron content disturbances before 2005-2006 seismic events