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Vol 16, 2013, 2 No

Social and Economic Sciences

Akulov V.B.
Competitiveness of economy of North: Role of institutional environment

Voloshin V.M.
Criteria for choice of short-term sources of financing

Voloshin V.M.
Some problems of amortization as a source of financing of fishery industry enterprises

Klyuchnikova E.M., Masloboev V.A.
Ecological and economical analysis of regional waste management policy (by the example of the Murmansk region)

Kornienko Yu.V.
Impact of global processes on financial stability of banks

Kuranov Yu.F.
Fishery in the Atlantic Ocean and food security of Russia

Skotarenko O.V.
Quantitative assessment of methodological approaches and principles of strategy of social and economic development of regions

Skotarenko O.V.
Quantitative assessment of realization of theoretical principles of region management as social and economic system on the basis of the qualimetrical approach

Belyaev D.P.
Science and geopolitics: Russian-Sweden expedition on Svalbard

Voronov V.M.
Scientific and technical progress and ideological crisis of the present

Gerashchenko L.I., Mulina T.V.
Personnel problems of travel agencies in the Murmansk region

Glazunov Yu.T.
Role and significance of will in the processes of goal achievement

Glazunov Yu.T.
Goal achievement and motivation

Gnatyuk V.S., Zakondyrin E.V.
Sustainable development and dynamics of social states

Dudnik S.I., Rukavishnikov A.B.,
Libertarian socialism and critics of historical experience of the USSR

Ivanyushkin I.A.
Historical and philosophical prolegomena to ontology of Internet (Internet from the point of view of classic philosophy)

Levit I.V.
Features of the evangelicalism in modern Germany

Litsuk A.A.
K.A. Nevolin and the German philosophy of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries

Lomovtseva N.V.
Problem of true knowledge in the philosophy of Gilbert Ryle

Mishineva A.K.
Sources of "methodological pluralism" of P.L. Lavrov

Nedoseka E.V.
On the problem of organization of youth leisure time in the Murmansk region

Nikonov O.A.
Dialectic of the correspondence principle and mathematical apparatus of the special theory of relativity

Nikonov O.A.
Philosophical problems in the works of George Berkeley

Petoshina S.I.
Economic self-determination of young leaders (by the example of the Murmansk region)

Polataiko S.V., Machkarina O.D.
Intellectual synthesis of a transcendental subject in the unity of geographical and social environments

Samylov O.V.
Antiquity as a beginning of world history in the works of German thinkers of the XVIII – XIX centuries (to the problem of the historical method formation)

Serbinenko V.V.
Philosophical and psychological dialogue: V. Zenkovsky and Z. Freud

Simonenko T.I.
Russian philosophy on the question of human integrity as an education problem

Tatarovskaya I.G.
World of animals in mythological consciousness of people in Tropical and South Africa