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Vol 19, 2016, 1 No, Part 1

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2016-1/1

Earth Sciences

Lukichev S. V., Bilin A. L., Toropov D. A.
Comparison of methods for formation of the economic model of the deposit in determining pit limits

Masloboev V. А., Baklanov А. А., Amosov P. V.
Results of evaluation of tailing dumps dust intensity

Matyushkin A. V., Balagansky V. V.
The first data on paleomagnetism of Palaeoproterozoic rocks of the Serpovidny structure (the Kola region, northeastern Baltic Shield)

Melnikov N. N., Amosov P. V., Klimin S. G., Novozhilova N. V.
Estimation of thawing cryolithic area with numerical modeling in 3D geometry while exploiting underground small nuclear power plant

Savchenko S. N.
Energy evolution model in natural-engineering systems

Selyukov A. V.
The histogram method of locating the capacity for internal dump at open pit coal mines in the Kemerovo region

Smirnov Yu. G., Orlov A. O.
Analysis of world experience in constructing underground small nuclear power plants and assessment of its potential use in the Russian Arctic regions

Chernikov A. G., Libina N. V.
Prediction of structure and properties of the deep array near the Kola uperdeep well

Baranov B. V., Dozorova K. A., Rukavishnikova D. D.
Active tectonics and origin of landslides on the Eastern Sakhalin slope

Vorob'yev A. E.
Prospects of nanotechnologies of developing gaseous-hydrate resources of the Russian Arctic shelf

Kudryashov N. M., Skublov S. G., Kalinin A. A., Lyalina L. M.
Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of zircon from diorite porphyry dyke in Sergozerskoe gold occurrence (the Strel'ninsky greenstone belt, Kola region)

Medvedev P. V., Voytekhovsky Yu. L., Chazhengina S. Yu., Chickiryov I. V.
On the age of sediments from the Sredni, Rybachy Peninsulars and Kildin Island (the Kola region) in connection with the finding of strata stromatolites

Meshcheryakov N. I., Tarasov G. A.
Sedimentation and lithological structure of the surface sedimentary strata in the shallow estuary of the River Grendalen (Gren-fjord)

Nikolaeva S. B.
Seismically-induced structures in the Quaternary sediments of the NE Fennoscandian Shield: Features and age

Sorokhtin N. O., Nikiforov S. L., Koshel S. M., Kozlov N. E.
Geodynamic evolution and orphostructural analysis of the Western sector of the Russian Arctic shelf

Stepenshchikov D. G., Voytekhovsky Yu. L.
On double bonds in fullerenes

Tolstobrov D. S., Kolka V. V., Tolstobrova A. N., Korsakova O. P.
Experience of the chronological correlation of the Holocene sea coastal landforms in the Tuloma River valley and the Kola Bay

Fedorov A. V., Asming V. E., Baranov S. V., Vinogradov A. N., Evtyugina Z. A., Goryunov V. A.
Seismological observations of glaciers dynamic on the Spitsbergen archipelago