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Vol 19, 2016, 1 No, Part 2

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2016-1/2

Earth Sciences

Denisov D. B., Val'kova S. A., Kashulin N. A.
Ecological peculiarities of periphyton and zoobenthos of freshwater ecosystems of the Khibiny massif (the Kola Peninsula)

Zakharenko V. S., Shlykova V. A., Radchenko M. S.
Role of the endogenous component in formation of hydrocarbons in the "continent – ocean" transition zone of the Spitsbergen-Barents continental margin

Kashulina G. M., Kubrak A. N., Baskova L. A., Korobeinikova N. M.
Influence of prolonged extreme pollution from the "Severonikel" industrial complex on the content of available for plants forms of P, K, Ca and Mg in podzols

Kashulina T. G., Kashulin N. A., Dauvalter V. A.
The long-term dynamics of hydrochemical indices of low-mineralized subarctic lakes in reducing the acid load

Ladik A. S., Masloboev A. V.
Development of automated information system for domestic waste logistics management (by the example of Apatity town)

Myazin V. A., Redkina V. V.
The impact of soil contamination by oil products on the growth of Secale cereale L. and prospects for its use in phytoremediation

Volkov М. А.
Auroral turbulence of the ionospheric convection

Gnatyuk V. S., Morozov N. N.
Physical bases of conductivity of strongly ionized air

Larchenko A. V., Pilgaev S. V., Fedorenko Yu. V.
Results of ground-based observations of the field structure in the range of very low frequencies with a strong modification of the ionosphere by a modulated short-wave radiation

Lebed O. M., Fedorenko Yu. V., Larchenko A. V.
Influence of the solar flares in March 2012 on the conductivity profile of the high-latitude lower ionosphere

Vodop'yanova V. V., Makarevich P. R.
Photosynthetic pigments in phytoplankton living in high latitudes under conditions of the polar night

Dikaeva D. R., Frolova E. A., Vyaznikova V. S.
Distribution and dynamics of Polychaeta communities at the Kola Transect (the Barents Sea)

Il'in G. V., Moiseev D. V., Shirokolobov D. V., Deryabin A. A., Pavlova L. G.
Long-term dynamics of hydrological conditions of the Zelenetskaya Bay, East Murman

Ishkulova T. G., Ishkulov D. G.
Hydrochemical researches in the Pechora Sea, July 2002

Kapkov V. I., Shoshina E. V., Belenikina O. A.
Bioremediation of marine coastal ecosystems:Using artificial reefs

Malavenda S. S.
Dynamics of biomass and population density of fucus algae of the Kola Bay, Barents Sea

Moiseev D. V., Dukhno G. N.
Development of thematic sections of the "Ecology and management of natural resources", "Marine biology", "Pollution" of the Electronic Marine Atlas ESIMO on the Arctic seas of the Russian Federation

Nikolaev A. M., Alekseev M. Yu.
Dynamics of feeding of 1+ hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) stocked into a tributary of the Kola River

Tret'yakov I. S., Kovalev Yu. A.
Using the Schaefer production model for assessment of the Barents Sea Greenland halibut

Tyukina O. S., Kudelya Ya. S.
Biodiversity of phytoplankton communities of the Barents Sea in the summer of 2013

Shoshina E. V., Kapkov V. I., Belenikina O. A.
Ecological factors regulating growth of seaweeds in Arctic communities

Yakovlev A. P., Mikhailyuk A. L., Grigor'ev V. F.
Evaluation of changes in the behavior of the grey seal exposed to the electromagnetic field of extremely low frequencies (0.01–36 Hz)