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Vol 19, 2016, 2 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2016-2


Bogachev V.F., Mikulyonok A.S., Polyansky A. V.
Regional features of economic development of the , Northern areas of Russia

Bol'shakov Ya.A., Fridkin V.N.
Opportunities and prospects of the Murmansk region in the development of transport in the Arctic region

Bryzgalova A.E.
The economic substantiation for creating defense "support zone" of the Arctic region of Russia

Veretennikov N.P., Gerashchenko L.V., Evgrafova L.E.
Reality and prospects of development of communication of the Northern Sea Route

Gutman S.S., Teslya A.B.
Achievement of sustainable development of the Murmansk region non-diversified settlements

Zharinov N.V., Gerashchenko L.V., Sokolov P.V.
Economic assessment of current trends of Russian maritime activities in the field of shipbuilding

Zharov V.S.
Imbalances of innovative industrial development of subjects of Federation, members of the Russian Arctic zone

Zalyvsky N.P.
The criteria for measuring social progress of Arctic countries: Knowledge – for economic development, economy – for development and happiness of human

Ivanov G.V., Shchegol'kova A.A.
State regulation of the economic development in the Arctic under the action of anti-Russian sanctions

Koz'menko S.Yu., Matviishin D.A.
The economic development of the regional area of the Kara Sea: Features of icebreaker providing navigation

Kuranov Yu.F.
Import substitution and food security (at the example of fish products)

Litovsky V.V.
The concept of placing in the Arctic the productive forces on the basis of A.E. Yunitsky infrastructure of the second level and the spatial model of the transport network "Polar lace" for "mobile sett

Lukin V.N, Musienko T.V., Chizhikov E.N.
Geo-economic and political features of the integrated security system of the Russian Arctic

Masloboev A.V., Oleynik A.G., Popkov Yu.S., Putilov V.A.
Project implementation start-up results of information technologies engineering for system risk assessment of Arctic region socio-economic development

Masserov D. A.
Socio-ecological-economic crisis of the society: The role of globalization

Nemchenko S.B., Tsetsenevskaya O.I.
The Arctic zone of the Russian Federation: The development of legislation in the Soviet period

Nesterenko A.G., Zokoev V.A.
Strategic aspects of the complex security system in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Pachina T.M.
The influence of "weak state" on the dynamics of socio-economic development of the Arctic regions

Pershina T.A., Gogoleva M.P.
Increasing the comfort of living of the population in small towns (monotowns) of the Russian Federation due to revitalization of town-forming enterprises (at the example of the town Kotovo)

Polyakov R. K., Balyasnikova E. V., Chumakov A. S.
Sectoral sanctions: Policy of import substitution and development of innovations in the Russian Federation

Selin V.S., Ul'chenko M.V.
Economic environment of the Arctic natural gas supplies to Europe, "the Ukrainian crisis"

Semenov V. P.
The way to improve the quality of domestic shipbuilding and ship repair for increasing economic presence of Russia in the Arctic

Stolbov A.G., Savel'eva S.B., Grin Yu. A.
Prospects for sustainable development of the nickel industry of Russia in conditions of transition in the world economy to the new technological mode

Tortsev A.M.
The mechanism of public administration by industrial fishing in fresh-water objects (at the example of the Arkhangelsk region)

Chechurina M. N.
Conceptual approaches to development of the region innovative infrastructure

Chechurina M. N., Grin A. A.
Problems of the port of Murmansk as an essential part of the region transport infrastructure