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Vol 19, 2016, 4 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2016-4

Technical Sciences

Beley V. F., Kharitonov M. S.
LED lamps in shipboard lighting systems: aspects of electromagnetic compatibility

Vlasova S. V., Petrov V. V., Shapochkin P. Yu.
The use of semiconductor laser diodes at low temperatures

Danilin A. N., Klimov A. A.
Experimental studies of characteristics of pulse transformers with various types of magnetic conductors executed according to the cascade scheme

Zalesova O. V.
Simulation of electromagnetic influence of railway overhead contact system on disconnected transmission lines by the ATP-EMTP programme

Ivonin V. V.
Potentials' distribution in high resistivity soil around extended grounding electrodes

Kuklin D. V. , Efimov B. V.
Influence of location of the lead wires on calculation results of grounding transient characteristics of a grounding rod

Masyutkin E. P., Avdeyev B. A., Prosvirnin V. I.
Research of distribution of the magnetic field intensity in the inertial device of the ship engine oil purification

Selivanov V. N. , Danilin A. N., Zalesova O. V., Kolobov V. V.
Study of the frequency response of the mutual coupling between overhead lines

Shurygin A. M., Avdyunin E. G., Malyshev V. S., Shurygin M. N.
Modeling elements of energy systems for thermal energy transportation

Brazhnyy А. I.
The mechanism of selecting priority options and sequence of solutions to ensure the safety of towing caravan navigation

Gladyshevsky M. A., Pen'kovskaya K. V., Sarlaev V. Ya.
Morphism between the planned risks of ship operation and risks in its implementation

Zolotov O. V., Romanovskaya Yu. V.
Mathematical modeling of the Earth's upper atmosphere from the transport infrastructure point of view

Kukui F. D., Kuleznev I. A.
On general principles of supplying safe operation of sea objects of Russian Federation oil and gas complex in ice conditions

Nechaev E. P.
Resettable regime of diesel lubrication

Kholichev S. N., Menshikov V. I., Penkovskaya K. V.
Study of structure of marine specialist activity in an ergative system on monitoring and managing automatic control parameters of safe navigation process

Chernouss S. A., Shagimuratov I. I., Vulfovich B. A., Kalitenkov N. V.
Navigation GPS/GLONASS in the Arctic and aurora

Shehovtseva E. V.
Improvement of bearing support lubrication

Yakuta I. V., Ermakov S. V.
Evaluation difference between mass of received cargo and mass of handed over the cargo in the determination of the masses by draft survey

Aksenova O. I.
Determination of dependence of feed intake level on functional and technological parameters of prescription mixture

Bogdan E. G., Turshuk E. G.
Characteristics of venison. The research of vitamin and fatty acid composition of the meat of domesticated reindeer

Borisenko D. I. , Isaev A. S., Gribova N. S., Kechkin I. A., Kuzmichev I. V., Loktev A. A., Merkulov K. V., Nikitina A. O., Poddubny A. A., Simonov S. A.
Development of experimental stand for research of foci of self-heating in free-flowing environments

Brazhnaya I. E.
Effect of enzyme preparation on quality of preserves in flavored oil from poorly maturing fish of the North Basin

Maslov A. A., Stolyanov A. V., Kaychenov A. V., Kuranova L. K.
Preparatory selection of sterilization regime for canned Natural Atlantic Mackerel with oil based on developed mathematical models of the process

Pokhol'chenko V. A., Ivaney А. А., Nikonova А. S., Kaychenov А. V.
Improving the system of absorption unit refrigeration