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Vol 20, 2017, 1 No, Part 1

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2017-20-1/1

Earth Sciences

Kozyrev S. A., Amosov P. V.
Estimation of aeration time in blind excavations: Methodological approach based on 3D numerical modeling

Mel'nikov N. N., Kalashnik A. I., Kalashnik N. A., Zaporozhets D. V.
The use of modern methods for complex studies of the hydrotechnical structures of the Barents Sea region

Mel'nikov N. N., Gusak S. A., Naumov V. A.
Reactor units for power supply to the Russian Arctic regions: Priority assessment of nuclear energy sources

Rybin V. V., Savchenko S. N.
Reconstruction of orientation of stresses acting in infinity within the Kovdor ore body based on field determinations

Derkach S. R., Berestova G. I., Novikov V. Yu.,Kolotova D. S., Brichka K. M., Simonsen G
Chemical composition of Pechora Sea crude oil

Yevzerov V. Ya.
Lithology of the Late Valdaian glacial moraine in the western part of the Kola Peninsula

Kalinin A. A., Savchenko Ye. E.
Bismuth-silver mineralization in the Sergozerskoe gold occurrence

Kaulina T. V., Nerovich L. I., Bocharov V. N., Lyalina L. M., Il'chenko V. L., Kunakkuzin E. L., Kasatkin I. A.
Raman spectra of impact zircons in the Jarva-varaka layered massif (the Monchegorsk ore region, the Kola Peninsula)

Kozlov N. E., Fomina E. N., Martynov E. V., Sorokhtin N. O., Marchuk T. S.
On reasons of specific composition of the Keivy domain rocks (the Kola Peninsula)

Kompanchenko A. A., Voloshin A. V., Sidorov M. Yu.
Minerals of Fe in the oxidation zone of massive sulfide ore in the South Pechenga structure zone, Kola region: Identification by the Raman spectroscopy

Korotaev B. A., Vasyokha V. M., Onufrik A. M.
Reservoir pressure evolution model during exploration drilling

Sorokhtin N. O., Lobkovsky L. I., Kozlov N. E.
Metallogeny of subduction zones

Fomina E. N., Kozlov E. N., Lokhova O. V., Lokhov K. I.
Graphite as an indicator of contact influence of Western Keivy alkaline granite intrusion, the Kola Peninsula

Chickiryov I. V., Voytekhovsky Yu. L.
Ti-Zr placer mineralization in 1eoproterozoic (Upper Riphean) rocks of Kildin Formation and in contemporary beach sands of Sredny and Rybachy Peninsulas, Kola Region