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Vol 20, 2017, 1 No, Part 2

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2017-20-1/2

Earth Sciences

Il'inskiy V. V., Kramarenko E. V., Makarevich E. V.
Evaluation of the functional activity of activated sludge from local waste water treatment plant in the Arctic region

Svetlov A. V., Makarov D. V., Potapov S. S., Nekipelov D. A., Seleznev S. G., Masloboev V. A.
Research of leaching of disseminated copper-nickel ores in their interaction with mine waters

Slukovskii Z. I., Medvedev A. S., Bubnova T. P., Siroezhko E. V.
Accumulation and vertical distribution of heavy metals in sapropel of Gryaznoe Lake (Medvezh'egorsk district, Republic of Karelia)

Suvorova O. V., Manakova N. K.
Recovery of waste and side products of apatite-nepheline and eudialyte ores processing in manufacture of heat-insulating foam glassy-crystalline materials

Terent'eva I. A., Kashulin N. A., Denisov D. B.
Estimate of the trophic status of subarctic Imandra Lake

Fokina N. V., Yanishevskaya Е. S., Vishnyakova I. N., Gershenkop А. Sh., Evdokimova G. А.
Development and functioning of microorganisms in concentration cycles of sulfide copper-nickel and non-sulfide apatite-nepheline ores

Shchukina E. S., Kiselev Yu. G., Gerasimova L. G.
Production of titanium silicate compositions from technogenic titanium containing waste of Khibiny ores' enrichment

Chernyakov S. M.
Experimental estimation of effective recombination coefficients in the D-region ionosphere at high latitudes during solar eclipses by the method of partial reflections

Zaporozhtsev I. F., Moiseev D. V.
Simulation of spatio-temporal variability of temperature in the Taganrog Bay with MITgcm model

Lapteva A. M., Plotitsyna N. F.
Trace elements in bottom sediments of the Barents Sea on the standard section "Kola Meridian"

Mazukhina S. I., Masloboev V. A., Sandimirov S. S., Pozhilenko V. I., Ivanov S. V.
Forming chemical composition of surface waters in the Arctic. Case study of Lake Inari and the River Paz

Malavenda S. V., Malavenda S. S., Mityaev M. V.
Abrasion and algal fouling of coarse material on the Murman littoral

Meshcheryakov N. I.
Features of sedimentation in the Gren-fjord (West Spitsbergen)

Novikov M. A.
On the background values of heavy metal content in bottom sediments of the Barents Sea