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Vol 21, 2018, 4 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2018-21-4

Technical Sciences. Transport. Electrical Engineering

Yakunina N. V., Nesterenko D. Kh., Arslanov M. A.
Factor analysis of ways to activate using the urban passenger motor transport

Viviorra S. I., Pen'kovskaya K. V., Men'shikov V. I.
Classification of navigational and fishing situations by the ship's specialist

Glushkov S. V., Mazhirin I. A., Tyulkanov A. K.
Mathematical model of ships moving with a nonstandard propulsion and steering complex

Moninets S. Yu., Bazhenova A. I.
The safety of navigation in difficult climatic conditions: Forecasting of risks

Pashentsev S. V.
Modelling cyclic reverse movements of the vessel using modified Lammeren's curves of screw action

Pashentsev S. V.
Managing the process of tanker towing by regulating the cable tension

Sergeev K. О., Pankratov A. А.
Fishing vessels' rolling bearings reducers of diesel-reducer units: The diagnostics' results

Kolobov V. V., Barannik M. B., Selivanov V. N.
A pulse generator with inductive energy storage for measuring the grounding resistance of transmission line towers

Selivanov V. N., Barannik M. B., Bilin V. A., Efimov B. V., Kolobov V. V., Sakharov Ya. A.
Analysis of long-term monitoring of autotransformer neutral currents

Kuklin D. V.
Calculation of errors in the finite difference time domain method when modeling thin wires separated by a single cell of the computational grid

Popov I. P.
Influence of frequency on the synchronous electrical machine parameters

Vlasov A. B.
Method for determining the quality of cable inlets sealant using infrared thermography