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Vol 22, 2019, 1 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2019-22-1

Earth Sciences

Erokhin Yu. V., Ivanov K. S., Khiller V. V.
The inclusion of grothite in the zircon from granitoids of the crystalline basement of the Southern Yamal Peninsula

Kaulina T. V., Lyalina L. M., Il'chenko V. L.
Sequence of REE-Th-U minerals in the Litsa uranium ore area (the Kola Region)

Koval A. V., Bogachev V. A., Petrov S. V.
Ore mineralization of gold-uranium occurrences Ozernoe and Lagernoe (Kuolayarvi structure, North Karelia)

Sorokhtin N. O., Kozlov N. E., Kalatchev V. Yu.
The first find of diamond on the Sredny and Rybachy Peninsulas in the north-eastern Baltic Shield

Terekhov E. N., Morozov Yu. A., Smolkin V. F., Bayanova T. B., Serov P. A., Shcherbakova T. F., Smulskaya A. I.
Features of dike magmatism in the Northern frame of the Pechenga structure

Bazarsky O. V., Kochetova Zh. Yu.
Model of evaporation of kerosene droplets in the atmosphere and pollution of soil around the airfield

Vasilieva Zh. V., Gorbovskaya T. D., Pavlov A. V.
Recultivation of oil contaminated soil using organic wastes in the Kola North conditions

Ershov V. V., Isaeva L. G., Polikarpova N. V.
The content of heavy metals in atmospheric deposition in the Pasvik State Nature Reserve vicinity

Myazin V. A.
The dynamic of some biogenic elements content in the soil during remediation of oil contaminated sites

Fokina N. V.
Prospects for using various modifications sorbents in the natural environments purification from oil products in the Kola North conditions

Andronov G. P., Filimonova N. M., Khokhulya M. S.
Magnetic separation of titanium-containing minerals

Belogorodtsev O. V., Khomkin E. E.
Industrial development of near-open pit reserves based on multivariate analysis and computer modelling of geotechnology objects

Kalashnik A. I., Dyakov A. Yu.
Evaluation of rock disturbance by GPR sensing using water saturation for contrast

Kozyrev A. A., Kasparyan E. V., Fedotova Yu. V., Kuznetcov N. N.
Estimating the rockburst hazard of hard rocks based on laboratory test results

Laptev V. V.
Numerical modelling of fragmented mined rock flow during ore drawing using the ROCKY DEM programme

Lovchikov A. V., Zemtzovsky A. V.
Rockburst prevention in deep ore pillars by forming relieve slots (for the Lovozero raremetal deposit)

Dauvalter V. A.
Lakes hydrochemistry in the zone of influence of iron-mining industry waste waters

Zemtsova E. S., Alimova G. S., Tokareva A. Yu.
Chemical and environmental assessment of the bottom sediments in the Irtysh River (Tyumen Region, Russian Federation)

Novikov M. A., Titov O. V., Zhilin A. Yu.
Metal content in bottom sediments of the central part of the Pechora Sea in the current period

Ul'yantsev A. S., Chickiryov I. V., Nikiforov S. L., Sorokhtin N. O., Melousov A. А., Ananiev R. A., Dmitrevsky N. N., Libina N. V.
Lithological characteristics of the modern sediments of the Pechora Sea