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Vol 3, 2000, 3 No

Philosophical Sciences

  • Philosophy


    Karataeva l.N.
    Interpretation of substantial unity of right and morals in Hegel's "Philosophy of Right"

    Kuznetsov A.V.
    Influence of ancient Greek philosophers on medieval concepts of substance

    Lissaniuok E.N.
    Conceptions of mental language in the medieval philosophy

    Lukichyova I.A.
    Social philosophy of Enlightenment on "artificiality" of social and historical life of a person

    Machkarina O.D.
    Russian-German philosophical dialogue

    Neshataev I.G.
    Freedom of person in Hegel's philosophy

    Tolmachova T.V.
    Jesus Christ and valentinianism (the II century A.D.)

    Basin A.A.
    Kant and "legal world outlook"

    Nikonov O.A.
    Complementarity principle and the special theory of relativity

    Lutonina S.G.
    Historical and philosophical views of M.M.Filippov

    Nikulina N.N.
    The problem of moral progress in the philosophical conception of N.V.Shelgunov

    Pavlov S.I.
    Hertzen's theory of Russian socialism

    Savel'eva I.Yu.
    Conception of personality in the philosophical heritage of D.I.Pisarev

    Tuchkova T.V.
    Phenomena of national consciousness as a subject of research of the Russian emigre thinkers

    Chistyakova T.L.
    Problem of personality in the philosophy of Slavophiles and Westernizers

    Keller G.S.
    Euro-asianism in Russian philosophical and political ideas

    Chistyakova N.L.
    Slavophiles and Neoslavophiles. Khomyakov A., Danilevsky N., Leont'ev K.

    Perov V.Yu.
    Ethics without religion (Critics of religious substantiation of morality)

    Ryabinina T.V.
    Genesis of the Russian erotic philosophy of the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries

    Bobrovnik E.A.
    On women emancipation in Russia in the second half of the XVIII century