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Vol 22, 2019, 3 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2019-22-3

Technical Sciences. Food technology

Voblikova T. V.
Viability of the culture of Bifidobacterium bifidum immobilized by microencapsulation in dairy drink and the simulated gastrointestinal liquids

Daurtseva A. V., Obluchinskaya E. D.
The stability of pigments in the thalli and extracts of the Barents Sea fucus algae

Makarova N. V., N. B. Eremeeva N. B., Ignatova D. F.
Effect of extraction technology on antioxidant activity of black chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa, cranberries Vaccinium vitis-idae, blueberries Vaccinium myrtillus, raspberries Rubus idaeus

Pozdnyakova O. G., Belavina G. A., Avstrievskih A. N., Poznyakovsky V. M.
Biologically active plant-based complex: Production technology, quality indicators, functional properties

Brazhnaya I. E., Tifanyuk A. V., Mikhaylovskaya A. V.,Sudak S. N., Kulik O. M.
The use of ultraviolet bactericidal radiation in the technology of manufacturing fish minced semi-finished products from low-profitable raw materials of the Northern Basin

Vasyukova А. Т., Bogonosova I. A., Novozhilov M. P.
Development of preventive vegetable products with protein fortifiers

Volchenko V. I., Dvoryankina K. V., KovalyovaO. S., Plavunov R. I.
Developing the technology of culinary production based on using unconventional fish fatty raw material

Soldatova E. A., Misteneva S. Yu., Savenkova T. V.
Methods of optimizing technologies and recipe of oatmeal cookies

Golubeva O. A., Grekov E. O., Titova S. A.
Extrusion in the production technologies of North Basin cartilage fish

Paramonova V. A., Kudryavtsev V. N.
Drying processes of pumpkin candied fruits in the microwave field: Studying the oscillating mode of energy supply

Pokintelitsa N. I., Levchenko E. A.
Improving the process of grinding food products

Shorstkii I. A., Khudyakov D. A.
Sunflower mesh rheological properties analysis during pressing with varying temperature, pressure and oil content

Linovskaya N. V., Mazukabzova E. V., Kondratyev N. B., Krylova E. N.
The study of the technological adequacy of raw materials used in the production of chocolate semi-finished product

Litvinenko O. V., Korneva N. Yu.
Prospects for using new soybean varieties breeding by All-Russian SRI of Soybean in the production of a soy-chocolate drink

Voitleva Z. A.
The development of multi-structure in agriculture: A regional aspect

Uskova I. V., Poteshkina V. A., Kalinchuk K. A.
Comprehensive monitoring of the bacterial plankton fish farm of the Tuloma River and the intestinal enteric microbiota cultivated in trout cages

Chimitdorzhieva G. D., Zhamsaranova S. D., Bazhenova B. A.
The fractionation of 13С in the Тransbaikalia ecosystem

Fazullina O. F., Smirnov S. O.
The use of plant enriching additives in the production of pasta: Literature review