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Vol 23, 2020, 1 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2020-23-1

Earth Sciences

Demahin A. Yu.
Study of the structure and seismicity of the near-surface zone of the earth's crust at the White Sea seismogenic zone on the Kola Peninsula

Zhirova A. M.
Residual magnetization of various genetic rocks and ores of the Kola region under the influence of mechanical oscillations

Zueva I. A., Lebedev A. A.
Seismic effect of industrial explosions of GOK Kostomuksha

Kalinin A. A., Savchenko Y. E.
Structures of sulfide melt crystallization as an indication of metamorphism of the ores in the Oleninskoe gold deposit

Kozlov N. Е. , Sorokhtin N. О., Martynov E. V., Marchuk T. S.
Geodynamics and metallogeny of the Keivy domain (Baltic Shield)

Nitkina E. A., Kaulina T. V. , Kozlov N. E.
The ages and rock mineral composition of the Pechenga eastern frame, the Kola region

Glazova V. A., Gaponenkov I. A., Fiodorova O. A., Dauvalter V. A.
Fadeev Stream and spring of the same name: Water quality and geo-ecological characteristics

Makarov D. V., Borovichev E. A., Klyuchnikova E. M. , Masloboev V. A.
Environmental protection and sustainable development of the mining industry in Murmansk Region, Russia

Gusak S. A., Orlov A. O., Smirnov Y. G., Biryukov V. V., Palivoda A. A.
Assessment of the efficiency of passive thermal protection system of rock massif

Slukovskii Z. I.
Background concentrations of heavy metals and other chemical elements in the sediments of small lakes in the south of Karelia, Russia

Chickiryov I. V., Ulyantsev A. S., Nikiforov S. L., Sorokhtin N. O., Ananiev R. A. , Dmitrevsky N. N., Libina N. V., Kovalev G. A.
Comparative lithological characteristics of modern sediments of the Kara and Pechora Seas