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Vol 23, 2020, 3 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2020-23-3

Technical Sciences. Food technology

Kameneva K. S., Shcheveva K. V., Naumova N. L.
The use of flour from flax seeds in the production of cake of high nutritional value

Linovskaya N. V., Mazukabzova E. V., Rudenko O. S., Savenkova T. V.
Justification of unconventional protein-containing raw materials for the construction of milk chocolate formulas with increased biological value

Yurova E. A., Zhizhin N. A., Filchakova S. A.
Molecular genetic methods of analysis to identify the species affiliation of the raw material composition in food products

Verbytskyi S. B. , Kopylova Y. V., Patsera N. N.
Design, calculation and use of the multipurpose vacuum ground meat mixer

Aleksanian I. Yu., Nugmanov A. H.-H., YartsevaN. V., Feklunova J. S.
Determination of thermophysical characteristics and viscous properties of minced raw materials from pond carp

Donskaya G. A.
Curd paste for calcium metabolism correction

Efremova A. A., Lyulkovich V. S., Naumova N. L.
Optimization of fatty acid composition of cottage cheese bagel

Misteneva S. Yu., Savenkova T. V., Demchenko E. A., Shcherbakova N. A., Gerasimov T. V.
Effect of functional and technological properties of vegetable shortenings on qualitative characteristics of biscuit

Radaeva I. A., Kruchinin A. G., Turovskaya S. N., Illarionova E. E., Bigaeva A. V.
Forming technological traits of dry milk

Fedyanina N. I., Karastoyanova O. V., N. V. Korovkina, Shishkina N. S.
The texture changing of fresh champignons under the influence of processing by accelerated electrons during the refrigeration storage

Shokina Y. V., Kuchina Yu. A., Novozhilov M. P., Popov M. М., Shokin G. О.
Study of rheological properties of gels based on Thorny Skate cartilage broth (Raja radiata) in the technology of natural fish culinary products –aspic fish, in jelly, fish jellies and potions