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Vol 23, 2020, 4 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2020-23-4

Transport. Electrical Engineering

Zhuravleva J. A., Nesterkina N. P., Kuznetsov E. A.
Development of a special purpose LED ultraviolet lamp in a T8 flask

Mashkin A. V., Fedotovsky S. B.
Assesment of dynamic losses in power switches of autonomous inverters with different modulation algorithms

Vlasov A. B., Buev S. A.
The estimation of ship cable condition by the means of measuring its insulation characteristics

Gracheva E. I., Gorlov A. N., Alimova A. N.
Algorithms and models of power losses in circuit breakers installed in networks

Nemirovsky A. E., Kashin A. I.
Investigation of the effect of ultrasonic radiation on varnished and compounded impregnating compositions with an innovative method of dismantling electric motor windings

Tsvetkov A. N., Kornilov V. Yu., Safin A. R., Kuvshinov N. E., Petrov T. I., Gibadullin R. R.
Development of a stand for researching electric drives of pumping units

Beley V. F., Kotsar G. V.
Assessment of wind energy potential ofthe Murmansk Regionand performance of Kola wind farm