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Vol 24, 2021, 4 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2021-24-4

Electrical Engineering. Technology of Food Products

Buev S. A.
Analysis of XLPE cable parameters subject to thermo aging

Gracheva E. I., Gorlov A. N., Alimova A. N., Mukhanova P. P.
Resistance change of contact groups of low-voltage electrical apparatus: Determining the laws

Kashin A. I., Nemirovsky A. E.
Analysis of depolymerization of insulating compositions of electric motor windings based on ultrasonic radiation

Boyarshinova E. V.
Production technology and quality assessment of milk shakes for baby food with vitamin complex enrichment

Veber A. L., Leonova S. A., Nikiforova T. A., Zhiarno M., Badamshina E. V., Lisin P. А.
Development of fermented product using dispersion from domestic breeding peas

Voitsekhovskaya L. I., Franko Ye. V., Verbytskyi S. B., Okhrimenko Yu. I.
Effects of bioactive compounds upon the deterioration of the chilled mechanically deboned poultry meat during storage

Kanareykina S. G., Chernyshenko Yu. N., Kanareykin V. I., Rakhmatullina I. F.
Fatty acid composition of yogurt drink based on mare's milk

Romanenko N. Yu. , Mezenova O. Ya., Nekrasova Yu. O.
Specialized sports nutrition products using protein hydrolysis compositions of collagen-containing fish raw materials

Tumashov A. A., Gavrilov A. S., Chugunova O. V., Bulygina O. Yu.
Development of flour confectionery products with reduced sugar content

Shkolnikova M. N., Abbazova V. N.
Investigation of the chemical composition of pumpkin pulp as a basis for soft drinks

Novikov V. Yu., Rysakova K. S., Baryshnikov A. V.
Application of the linear method of discriminant analysis of reflectance spectra in the near infrared region for the species identification of fish of the Salmonidae family