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Vol 1, 1998, 1 No

Natural and Engineering, Social and Economic Sciences

  • Engineering Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social and Economic Sciences
  • Reports at the International Conference NORDUNI

    Engineering Sciences

    Ol'hovsky V.E., Solov'yov A.A., Sudnin V.M.
    Development of Manoeuvring Automation of Vessel with Fishery Instruments

    Anisimov A.N., Solov'yov A.A.
    On Necessity of Further Research of Manoeuvrable Elements of Fishing Fleet Ships

    Men'shikov V.I., Glushchenko V.M.
    Management of System of Ship's Operation Safety

    Prohorenkov A.M., Remezovsky V.M.
    Programme Realization of System of Electric Power Quality Increase in Ships

    Prygunov A.I., Papusha A.N.
    Machinery Dynamics and Vibro-acoustic Diagnostics

    Pashentsev S.V.
    Basic Directions of New Technology Development of Seamen Professional Training

    Maslov A.A.
    Complex Computerization of Electrical Engineer Professional Training

    Shtykov V.F.
    Operational features of the main diesels in propulsion electrical installations in unsteady modes

    Ershov A.M., Brazhnaya I.E., Peretruhina A.T., Dimova V.V., Ivaney A.A., Kotlyarova M.V., Shokina Yu.V.
    Perfection and development of technological processes of food production from water raw material

    Derkach S.R., Voron'ko N.G.
    Influence of the Modifying Components on Gelatin Gel Properties

    Natural Sciences

    Blyas E.A., Sereda A.-V.I.
    Definition of Layered Medium Parameters on Borehole Seismic Observation Data by the Inverse Dynamic Task Method

    Pivovarov V.G., Sverdlov Yu.L., Sergeeva N.G., Arinin V.A., Lytkin V.N.
    Distribution Function of Random Vortex Velocities in the Turbulent Ionospheric Current

    Putintsev N.M.
    Polar Substances Polarization Theory

    Mitrofanov F.P., Pripachkin V.A.
    New Problems of Fundamental and Applied Geological Science of the Kola Region

    Mel'nikov N.N., Kaspar'yan E.V.
    Training of Personnel - Necessary Condition for Growth of Mining Industry of the Murmansk Region

    Social and Economic Sciences

    Loskutov V.I., Reus N.I.
    Some Results of Application of System Economy Principles to the Analysis of Market Relations

    Chechurina M.N.
    New Approaches to Innovation Management

    Kibitkin A.I., Smirnova S.S.
    Activity of Enterprises Under Conditions of Money Shortage

    Buch O.V.
    Use of Economic-Mathematical Models in Long-term Planning of Enterprise Production (on the Example of the Industrial Complex "Severonickel")

    Bogopolsky Yu.A.
    Actively - Operative Adaptation of Control System as a Factor of Survival and Increase of Enterprise Viability

    Bezuglova M.A., Syurina T.S.
    Topical Problems of the Statistical Account in Reformed Russian Economy

    Reports at the International Conference NORDUNI

    Aland P.A.
    Quality assurance in education

    Kess P., Tuomi O.
    University continuing education in Finland

    Lakso E., Ivanitsky A.
    Research cooperation. Sanitary engineering cooperation between Oulu and Murmansk

    Shtykov V.F.
    The Arctic International University Centre as a step on the way to a common system of higher education in the Euro-Arctic region