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Vol 6, 2003, 2 No

Social and Economic Sciences

  • Social and Economic Sciences
  • Law

    Social and Economic Sciences

    Kolesov N.D., Loskutov V.I., Salikhov B.V.
    Property as an economic category, or about insufficiency of the didactic unit "property and management"

    Kibitkin A.I., Bespalova S.V.
    The algorithm of diagnosing of complex economic systems

    Polyak G.V.
    Financial and industrial integration in Russian economics

    Borodin A.I.
    The features of the potential estimation for managing system

    Buch O.V.
    Typology of business-processes in organisation

    Dranitsa A.Yu.
    Information technologies in enterprise management

    Kosmin N.P.
    Some aspects of forming of efficient mechanism of investment and innovation process

    Chechurina M.N.
    The increase of the production effectiveness on the basis of the management innovations

    Grishin V.A.
    Prognosis of social and economic development of the Murmansk region and forming of the regional budget

    Grishin V.A.
    The role of inter-budgetary relations in social and economic development of the region

    Drozhdinina A.I.
    Modelling the mechanisms of market demand management

    Efimovskaya E.V.
    Objects and criteria of the Murmansk region development in 2003-2004

    Khokhlova N.S.
    Characteristics of national accounts system on the regional level of management

    Vasil'ev A.M., Mar'ina V.P.
    Theoretical and practical aspects of the tax policy perfection in the fish industry

    Storozheva N.A.
    On taxation in marine industrial fishery in Norway

    Khrapova T.V.
    Improvement of shipyard management structure in conditions of market economy

    Vorob'yova O.G.
    Does there exist the "right" method of investment valuation?

    Matviychuk L.N.
    Crediting of small-scale business undertakings

    Pachina T.M.
    Financial flows: Approaches to the analyses and control system

    Andreev O.A., Rautio V., Tukkulainen M.
    Business interconnections between Russia and Finland of the last decade

    Ivanova O.P.
    The ways of improvement of foreign-trade and foreign-economic activity of Russian businessmen

    Krupornitskaya I.A.
    The state regulation of foreign trade

    Krupornitskaya I.A.
    The protectionism and free trade in international economic relations

    Chernov A.S.
    Some aspects of international labour migration

    Shchebarova N.N.
    The characteristics of the state regulative function in the conceptions of free-trade and protectionism


    Labintsev S.V., Gomonov N.D.
    Investigation of mechanism of blood traces' formation at locus delicti as an element of criminal event reconstruction

    Plevako L.V.
    The principle of powers' separation: The history and the present

    Puzyryova E.V., Gomonov N.D.
    A legal norm: the modern theoretical aspects

    Timokhov V.P.
    The historical and legal genesis of the concept "efficiency"