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Vol 9, 2006, 1 No

Philosophy, Jurisprudence

  • Philosophy
  • Law


    Balalykin D.A.
    Historiography of the Russian Church split in the Russian emigration literature of the second half of the XX century

    Vlasova S.V.
    Scientific rationality, appropriate image and values of science

    Volkova T.P.
    The problem of multiculturalism in the philosophy of J. Habermas

    Gazimagomedov G.G.
    Market and state: Conflict aspects of interaction in modern Russia

    Dubatovka Yu.Yu.
    Natural right in B.N. Chicherin's and V.S. Solov'yov's works

    Ezhova E.A.
    On the problem of power, state and right in the philosophy of M. Shtirner, M.A. Bakunin and P.A. Kropotkin

    Zhigunova G.V.
    National self-consciousness of the Russians in the philosophy of Slavophilism

    Istochnikova A.V.
    On the problem of interpretation of Being as a strategic conception of Heidegger hermeneutica

    Lukovkin S.B.
    The ideas of post-non-classical science and modern social and philosophical problems

    Mararitsa V.F.
    Social and philosophical analysis of social systems' transformation

    Mikha'lyuk A.V.
    Logic-methodological conception of Karl Popper

    Popova O.V.
    The picture of the world in the philosophical poetry of the II half of the XIX century

    Posnov I.V.
    Right and morality in the psychological theory of right of L.I. Petrazhitsky

    Saenkova E.S.
    Philosophy of nature of Alfred North Whitehead

    Sokhranyaeva T.V.
    On the cultural mission of the modern university

    Khokhlova L.I.
    On world outlook importance of mathematical knowledge for the natural direction of cosmism

    Shabalkina K.V.
    Social, political and philosophical ideas of the Russian thinkers of the first half of the XIX century about the women's role in the family and society

    Shovina E.N.
    The problem of death and immortality in the philosophical heritage of F.M. Dostoevsky


    Arabadzhieva O.V., Gomonov N.D.
    The juridical conflict: Nature and peculiarities

    Gomonov N.D.
    Genesis and peculiarities of criminal aggression of women

    Kozlov S.S.
    On some possibilities of juridical clash resolution in the legal system of the modern Russia

    Metel'kov A.N.
    On some aspects of legislative regulation of struggle with nuclear terrorism

    Pankratova M.E., Gomonov N.D.
    On the problems of counteraction to the legal nihilism phenomenon in the modern Russia

    Rasheva N.Yu., Gomonov N.D.
    Right value in the context of value system in the modern Russian society