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Vol 9, 2006, 3 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Madatov A.G., Sereda A.-V.I.
The pre-drill and real time while drilling overpressure prediction based on Effective Basin Model concept

Blyas E.A., Sereda A.-V.I.
Determination of reflectivity coefficients of longitudinal and transverse waves using seismograms of longitudinal waves

Amosov P.V., Naumov A.V., Novozhilova N.V.
Minimization of the radiation impact of inhabitants resulted from the underground storage facility for non-processable spent nuclear fuel in the crystalline rock of the Kola Peninsula (2 stage)

Mel'nikov N.N., Konukhin V.P., Naoumov V.A., Amosov P.V., Gusak S.A., Naoumov A.V., Katkov Yu.R., Smirnov Yu.G., Orlov A.O., Rybin Yu.Yu.
The concept of underground storage of spent nuclear fuel from ship nuclear power units on the Kola Peninsula

Mel'nikov N.N., Konukhin V.P., Naoumov V.A., Amosov P.V., Gusak S.A., Naoumov A.V.
On the safety of underground regional repository for radioactive waste (RW) on the Kola Peninsula

Mel'nik N.A., Kizeev A.N.
Radioecological researches of conifers

Zakharenkova I.E., Shagimuratov I.I., Lagovsky A.F., Krankovsky A.
Variations of total electron content of the ionosphere during the Kaliningrad earthquake of 21 September, 2004

Ivanov V.P., Karvetsky V.L., Koren'kova N.A., Leshchenko V.S.
Ionospheric and geomagnetic effects during the earthquake on 21 September, 2004 in the Kaliningrad region. Preliminary results

Sergeenko N.P., Zakharenkova I.E., Shagimuratov I.I., Sazanov A.V., Rogova M.V.
The analysis of ionospheric macroscale transient irregularities associated with earthquakes (according to GPS observations)

Klimenko M.V., Klimenko V.V., Bryukhanov V.V.
The numerical modeling of the auroral electrojet during the geomagnetic substorm

Adrov N.M.
Climatological bases of the conception of oceanosphere water mass

Adrov N.M.
Comparison characteristic of contribution of physical and biochemical constituents of the dissolved oxygen negative budget in the water mass of tropical and arctic latitudes of the ocean

Beskishchenko V.V., Martem'yanova E.S.
On forestry certification in Russia

Golovina Yu.Yu.
From the history of environmental impact assessment procedure to methodology of oil and gas production impact on marine Arctic ecosystems

Borisov S.A., Martem'yanova E.S.
Ecological aspects of energy supply of the northern territories

Lagunov E.N., Khokkanen V.N.
Aspects of minor hydro-electric engineering in Murmansk and the Kola Peninsula

Gil'miyarov E.B., Tsvetkov V.V.
Polycriterial approach to vessel power plant choice

Prokhorenkov A.M., Kachala N.M.
Using of fuzzy logic methods for defining random processes' characteristics

Podobed V.A.
On basic parameters of the portal crane "Albrecht" operating under wind dynamic influence

Podobed V.A., Podobed N.E.
Prevention of risks at crane operations at wind loadings in ports