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Vol 11, 2008, 1 No

Philosophical Sciences

Grebeshev I.V.
On the problem of personality in the philosophy of G. Fedotov

Puminova N.V.
Denys the Areopagite and the canon of icons in Russia in the XVI-XVII centuries

Globa T.A.
Social, political and philosophical sources of formation of a Ukraine philosopher G.S. Skovoroda

Klindukh E.A.
Philosophical and social conditions of origin and development of liberalism in Russia

Machkarina O.D.
On the problem of national and universal in the works of V.S. Solov'yov and N.A. Berdyaev

Gruzdeva O.V.
The idea of "people's monarchy" in the works of Yu.F. Samarin

Zhigunova G.V.
On religious ideals of Russia in the philosophy of Slavophilism

Surovtsev S.S.
On development and formation of philosophical views of F.M. Dostoevsky

Gunashvili E.M.
Nationality categories in the concept of pochvennichestvo

Kassirov A.G.
P.A. Kropotkin – a scientist and philosopher

Mishinyova A.K.
The "theory of progress" of P.L. Lavrov and the "formula of progress" of N.K. Mikhailovskii

Ketskalo N.M.
Thinkers of the "silver century" about the problem of personality's role in history

Matrosova E.Yu.
Morals as an ideological basis of P.I. Novgorodtsev law philosophy

Volkova T.P.
The philosophical concept of the Other in the context of multicultural society formation

Pashchenko L.V.
On interpretation of totalitarianism by thinkers of the Russian emigres

Yaroshinsky V.V.
On prerequisites of irrationalistic interpretations of man in the Western philosophy: from Kant to Kierkegaard

Popova O.V.
On criteria of determination of philosophical poetry

Ivanov G.A.
"Capable" subject and stateness in Ricoeur's philosophical concept

Shovina E.N.
The influence of West-European philosophy on formation of ideas about life, death and immortality in Russian immortology

Malyshko A.A.
"Spirit", "soul" and "virtual reality"

Shingarov G.Kh.
Time and objective reality in the African mythology

Simonishvili E.N.
On the phenomenon of spirituality in the Russian philosophy

Koreneva A.V.
Professionally oriented teaching to speech genres of non-philological students

Savateev D.A.
Computer models in teaching electrotechnical subjects in higher technical schools

Verkhovtsev A.Yu.
Social and psychological problems of first-year students with disabilities

Volkov T.P.
On privatization and social stratification of the Russian society

Rogovaya A.V.
On the institutionalization of regional conflictology as a branch of knowledge

Brik L.V.
Mass media influence on formation of public consciousness

Bachin I.M.
The role of a senior citizen in demographic processes

Morozova N.A.
On tolerant and intolerant aims of Russians in the modern society

Maiorova N.V.
Innovative forms of higher education in modern China