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Vol 11, 2008, 2 No

Social and Economic Sciences

Baranov S.V., Skuf'ina T.P.
New techniques and results of research of inter-regional differentiation on the basis of the principal components method

Butusova E.A., Prygunov A.I.
On new researching methods of analysing figures of regional economy

Masloboev A.V.
The method of integrated generation and evaluation of regional innovation structures effectiveness

Senetskaya L.B.,
On bankruptcy diagnostics

Skotarenko O.V.
Economic system and its sensitivity

Smirnova K.A.
On conception of uncertainty of economic systems and approaches to its valuation

Ershov A.M.
Shipbuilding in Russia: Competitiveness and prospects

Pavlov K.V.
Regional peculiarities of development of Russian business undertakings

Buch O.V.
On process approach to management of organization: Outsoursing of business processes

Smirnova N.V.
On the process approach to modelling of management and production

Marchenko I.S.
Modelling of business-processes for enterprises of the food-processing industry

Sobakareva A.V.
The process approach and problems of its application

Straty G.I.
Principles of integration of oil-and-gas industry suppliers

Tripolsky E.N.
Tripolsky E.N., On ranking assessment of management tools

Mikhailov M.Yu.
The system of quality management as part of the planning mechanism

Savel'eva S.B., Savel'ev A.N.
On the essence of strategic planning of regional economic systems' development

Tsukerman V.A., Berezikov S.A.
On the analysis of dynamics of technological development of the Murmansk region

Zhuleva O.I.
On perspectives of transformation of existing organizational and legal structure of fish companies in the Murmansk region

Kuznetsova E.S.
On attraction of investment resources as part of active industrial policy in the Murmansk region

Elizarova I.N.
Organizational and methodical questions of risk estimation and insurance in an industrial enterprise

Simachova L.N.
Self-insurance and insurance as methods of preliminary financing of risks of fish industry

Katunin V.A.
Private property and basic economic relation of capitalist economy

Tepman F.A.
On strategy of railway transport services in the North-Western region

Drozhdinina A.I.
Energy saving is an instrument of energy strategy of Russia

Drozhdinina A.I., Getmanov V.V.
On the role of Russia in ensuring the global energy safety

Isabekova O.A.
On investment policy of the fuel and energy complex

Busyrev V.M., Churkin O.E.
On estimation of efficiency of deposits' development project

Golubev B.V., Kobylaynsky I.G., Shutov A.V.
On results of timekeeping of opening-closing of cases – show-windows in the "Nord-West FК" shop

Tropin B.L., Kuzminykh A.S., Men'shikov V.I.
On the integrity of ship operation systems of a company with minimization of resources' redundancy