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Vol 11, 2008, 3 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Amosov P.V., Prvakova S., Nilson K.-F.
The comparative analysis of results of deterministic calculations of radionuclide migration after spent nuclear fuel burial in the crystalline rock

Prygunov А.I.
A new tool for experimental investigation of chaos: Theory and applications

Lovchikov A.V.
Mine-tectonic rock bursts at the Lovozersky rare-metal deposit

Devyatkin P.N.
Natural water resources near Mochegorsk and the open joint-stock company "Kola GMK"

Dauvalter V.A., Kanishchev A.A.
Geoecological state of water reservoirs situated near the Pechenganikel Plant

Dauvalter V.A., Khloptseva E.V.
On hydrological and hydrochemical features of lakes of the Bolshezemelskaya Tundra

Dauvalter V.A., Yashchishina S.I.
The chalcophile elements in water and sediments of the lake Umbozero

Zavalko S.E., Shoshina E.V.
Multilevel morphophysiological investigations of the brown algae (the Kola Bay, Barents Sea)

Ovchinnikova S.I., Timakova L.I.
Research of seasonal, sexual and species differences of white muscle bioenergetic state of cod and plaice

Eryomin M.M., Men'shikov V.I., Serov A.V., Koval'chuk V.V.
Scaling of functional duties space in the system "Navigator – EMNIS"

Vul'fovich B.A., Fogilev V.A., Sorokin R.S.
Experimental determination of astronomical observation accuracy by two stars using the method of lines of position

Vul'fovich B.A., Fogilev V.A.
On application of modern computer technologies for celestial fixes

Lepsky A.G., Damaskin A.A.
Analysis of integral criterion formation for thermal load estimation of marine internal combustion engine components

Amakhin V.A.
On influence of shipyard water area current on operation of the complex "rowing screw – main engine"

Amakhin V.A.
On reliability of effective power estimation of main ship engines by various methods

Vasil'ev M.V.
On the device of marine main engine control

Vlasov A.B.
On isolation of ship electrical machines while in operation and ship repair

Vlasov A.B., Prygunov A.I.
On calculation of parameters of ship electric equipment reliability according to thermography diagnostics data

Suslov A.N., Men'shikov V.I., Koval'chuk V.V.
Comparative analysis of efficiency of vessel radio-locators and thermal locators for safety navigation

Sergeev K.O., Prygunov A.I.
The experience of radiotorsiographs application on ships of the Northern basin

Ershov A.M., Maslov A.A., Sovlukov A.S., Fateev V.Ya., Yatsenko V.V.
On radiowave resonator method of measurement of physical properties of liquids with dielectric losses

Zosin A.P., Priymak T.I., Koshkina L.B., Masloboev V.A.
Adsorbents based on magnesium-ferrous slags of the nonferrous metallurgy for cleaning technological waste water from non-ferrous metals' cations

Zosin A.P., Priymak T.I., Avsaragov Kh.B., Koshkina L.B., Masloboev V.A.
The geo-cemented stone based on magnesium-ferrous slags of the nonferrous metallurgy – the resistant material for radioactive waste immobilization

Asming V.E., Vinogradov Yu.A., Evtyugina Z.A., Kremenetskaya E.O., Prokudina A.V.
On results of observations on the Apatity infrasound complex

Konstantinova N.A., Melekhin A.V., Savchenko A.N.
On creating of botanical sanctuary in the Zaga River valey

Davydov D.A.
Conjunctions of biological systems as a self-organization phenomenon

Korolyova N.E.
Main biotopes of mountain and zonal tundra of the Murmansk region