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Vol 11, 2008, 4 No

Philosophical Sciences

Sandstrom G.M.
Pieces of evolution’s puzzle: A social-philosophical perspective

Rezaev A.V.
Evolution is still puzzling: A critical analysis of evolution’s social-humanitarian puzzle

Bazelyuk N.N.
Social and philosophical aspects of valeology and formation of healthy life-style

Volkov T.P.
Globalization and inequality

Vorobtsova I.Yu.
Philosophical ideas of tolerance in views of Slavophils’ and Westerners’

Gorbunova L.I.
Philosophical ideas of communication in Feuerbach's anthropological materialism

Gurova S.I.
Philosophical anthropology of P.P. Blonsky

Evsyukov N.A.
On the history of philosophy of technics

Zhirov V.K.
Human being and biodiversity: Orthodox view on the problem of interrelation

Istochnikova A.V.
On some questions of hermeneutics of M.M. Bakhtin and M. Heidegger

Kabanova L.I.
On philosophy of V.V. Kandinsky

Kassirov A.G.
The problem of morality in works of P.A. Kropotkin

Kotsyuba V.I.
The concept of reason in anthropology of the Moscow school of the philosophical theism of the first half of the XIX century

Mareeva N.S.
Continuity and "discontinuity" of historical process

Mironov V.V.
Metaphysics and ambivalent nature of philosophy

Mishinyova A.K.
Basis of the anthropological system of P.L. Lavrov

Pashchenko L.V.
Philosophical, social and economic antagonisms of Soviet totalitarian system

Popova O.V.
The problem of the person in the philosophical heritage of F.I. Tyutchev

Tumanov A.A.
Free will and moral law in the critical philosophy of I. Kant

Khodyakova A.I.
Historical and philosophical analysis of heritage of A.N. Krylov in the field of methodology of engineering

Yashin A.N.
Ideas of humanism, justice and sacrifice in remedial activity of the Russian lawyers of the second half of the XIX century

Antonov S.N.
Theoretical approaches to the analysis of advertising

Zakharov M.L.
Anthropological and anthropocosmic views of A.L. Tchizhevsky