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Vol 12, 2009, 1 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Yudin Yu.I., Gololobov A.N., Stepakhno A.G.
Method of calculation of ship mathematical model parameters

Yudin Yu.I., Stepakhno A.G., Gololobov A.N.
Using of identified ship mathematical models for accident prevention of navigation

Yudin Yu.I., Gololobov A.N., Stepakhno A.G., Barakhta A.V.
Problems of navigation safety of oil transportation in the Arctic shelf of Russia

Kuzminykh I.S., Kuzminykh A.S., Pasechnikov M.A., Men'shikov V.I., Morozov N.N.
Indexes of efficiency of safety formal evaluation methods in structures of ship operation

Tropin B.L., Kuzminykh A.S., Men'shikov V.I., Putintsev N.M.
Informational support of the precognition mechanism in structures of ship safety management

Eryomin M.M., Men'shikov V.I., Putintsev N.M., Morozov N.N.
Efficiency of interactive management of multimedia area of vessel conning bridge at safe navigation

Podobed N.E., Podobed V.A., Men'shikov V.I.
Mathematical modelling of wind loading on portal cranes' moving mechanism

Shushko V.D.
One of the methods of safe cargo transfer by a non-contact way

Petrova N.E.
Changing of technical condition of the vessel hull in process of exploitation

Petrova N.E.
Methodic of evaluation of vessel hull reliability

Baeva L.S., Pasheeva T.Yu.
On complication of welding technologies and necessity of their qualitative management

Ershov A.M., Grokhovsky V.A., Maslov A.A., Vlasov A.V., Kaychenov A.V.
Influence of temperature field nonuniformity by blowing of autoclave sterilizing box on sterilization efficiency in tins

Nevretdinov Yu.M, Fastiy G.P., Yaroshevich V.V.
Analysis of electrical energy quality indexes registration on buses of supply substations

Nevretdinov Yu.M., Karpov A.S., Fastiy G.P.
Perfection of communication lines' protection from influence of high-voltage network currents

Nevretdinov Yu.M., Tokareva E.A., Vlasko D.I., Domonov A.P.
Experimental research of efficiency of cascade substations' lightning protection

Veselov A.E., Fastiy G.P., Tokareva E.A.
Technical losses of active electrical energy in enterprises' exterior circuits

Veselov A.E., Karpov A.S., Yaroshevich V.V.
Efficiency of synchronous electric motors used for reactive power generation

Amosov P.V., Novozhilova N.V.
Analysis of the alternative scenario "An error in determination of radioactive nuclide adsorption properties basing on engineering barriers and host rock"

Makarov D.V., Semyonova E.P., Zorenko I.V., Men'shikov Yu.P.
On using vermiculite ores reject material as raw material for magnesium compounds' manufacture

Masloboeva S.M., Makarov D.V., Nesterov D.P., Tikhomirova E.L.
Research of behaviour of the potassium peroxypentofluorotantalate monohydrate at heating

Podozersky D.S.
Increase of efficiency of explosive action in oil-bearing rocks

Selivanov V.N.
Using of electromagnetic transient program ATP-EMTP in educational process

Masloboev A.V.
Simulation-based agent architecture

Dranitsa Yu.P., Dranitsa A.Yu.
Some aspects of interpretation basing on theory of line dynamic systems

Korenkov Yu.N., Surotkin V.A., Klimenko V.V.
Global first-principal 3D modeling of the TEC and its comparison with GPS measurements

Kashulin P.A., Kalachova N.V., Artyomkina N.A., Chernous S.A.
Photochemical processes in the plants in the North and the environment

Devyatkin P.N.
Anthropogenic changes in fish assemblage of the lake Imandra

Tereshchenko O.V.
Dynamics of springtails' community in soils of the Kola North

Koroleva N.E.
Flora of the Murmansk region as a component of biodiversity