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Vol 13, 2010, 1 No

Social and Economic Sciences

Ivanov V.V.
Typology of inter-budget relations and models of budget federalism

Kapustina N.V., Kuznetsov Yu.V.
Principles of researching the system of risks' management

Kibitkin A.I., Skotarenko O.V.
Econometric methods of economic system sensitivity estimation

Marchenko I.S.
System approach to the management of commercial activity of enterprises

Reus N.I.
World experience of state management of structural transformations

Rybakov F.F.
Economy of scientific and technological progress: Retrospective analysis

Chechurina M.N.
Increase of enterprises' competitive capability on the basis of management innovations

Baeva L.S., Pasheeva T.Yu.
Manufacture modernization as a key factor of production competitiveness increase

Drozhdinina A.I.
Estimation of present-day labour market

Drozhdinina A.I., Zharkov I.E.
Prospects of energy-saving technology application in Russia

Konakova L.V.
Analysis and calculation of bank's own capital immobilization

Kuznetsova E.S.
Management of operation risks using process-oriented approach

Rapnitskaya N.M.
Factors of financial stability of insurance companies in modern conditions

Savel'eva S.B., Savel'ev A.N.
Spatial reorientation of national interests of Russia

Butusova E.A., Prygunov A.I.
Comparative analysis of dynamics of economic processes on regional and interregional scales

Selin V.S., Koz'menko S.Yu., Medvedev N.A.
Co-ordination of economic and defense activity in the Arctic region from the viewpoint of regional presence

Voitolovsky G.K.
Unsettled problems of the Arctic developing

Koz'menko S.Yu., Savel'ev A.N.
Strategic perspectives of development of marine activity in Arctic

Nikolaeva A.B., Leus S.M.
Perspectives of development of port special economic zones

Savel'eva S.B., Shiyan G.N.
Arctic: Strengthening of geopolitical positions and economic development

Khrapov V.E., Turchaninova T.V.
Innovative transformations of ship-repair enterprises as requirement of stable development of marine activity

Gaponenkova N.B.
Transaction costs of fishing industry enterprises

Kibitkin A.I., Senetskaya L.B.
Overcoming of fishery enterprises crisis basing mechanisms

Kovalchuk V.V., Senetskaya L.B.
Using of information technology means for valuation of economic state of commercial fishery enterprises

Mukhomedzyanova E.V.
Informational supply of managerial processes in fishery organisations

Tsaryova S.V.
On role of the state in increasing investment attraction of Russian commercial fishery

Khrapov V.E.
Fishery fleet of Russia: Problems and perspectives

Simachyova L.N.
Risks of the enterprise in the sphere of industrial fishery and enhancement of their insurance defense

Boroukhin D.S.
Problems of stable development of power industry enterprises in the Murmansk region during the world financial crisis

Breslavets I.N.
Genesis of fishery organization forms

Gafurov A.R.
The category "energy safety" and its role in safety structure

Kovalyova I.A.
Basic problems of strategic analysis of regional economy

Vechirko A.A.
Consequences of removing the Murmansk region from the single price area of wholesale market for power industry

Dobryakov I.S.
Basic conceptions and methods of organizational and economic modifications in oil and gas industry

Tripolskiy E.N.
Evaluation of specific values of economic indicators for companies of commercial fishery

Tepman F.A.
System approach in management of regional sales promotion infrastructure

Kreydich T.V.
Current trends of transnationalization in the world economy

Titov P.A.
Influence of physical training and sports on social and economic development

Tulyakov L.V.
Ways of decreasing of economic risks in electric power industry

Nedel'ko N.S.
Catastrophe theory and analysis of economic systems' behaviour

Andreev V.V.
Main tendencies of investment projects and peculiarities of their realisation

Semyonova S.A.
Necessity of state regulation of enterprises' restructuring processes