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Vol 13, 2010, 2 No

Philosophical Sciences

Titov V.F.
Jos? Ortega y Gasset: Philosophy and the society

Shingarov G.Kh., Orlov A.A.
Problem of cognition in philosophy from viewpoint of artificial intelligence creation

Portsel A.K.
Spitsbergen or Svaalbard? Problems of Russian presence on the archipelago during the XX – early XXI centuries

Vlasova S.V.
Correlation of scientific knowledge and reality

Melikh Yu.B.
J. Maritain and L.P. Karsavin: Exodus to T. Aquinas and N. Cusanus

Machkarina O.D.
Criticism of positivism as a possibility of re-comprehension of critical philosophy of I. Kant

Tumanov A.A.
Prerequisites for substantiation of the concept "right" in the critical philosophy of I. Kant

Nikonov O.A.
Philosophical problems of the geometry of Minkowsky

Kusse H.
The semantic theory of A.F. Losev and semantic theories in the XX century

Siklari A.D.
Symbol in memoirs of A. Bely

Siklari A.D.
Hermeneutics in memoirs of A. Bely

Istochnikova A.V.
M. Heidegger. Method of text hermeneutical analysis

Nikulina N.N.
Personality as a dominating factor of social progress in the conception of N.V. Shelgunov

Dudina I.A.
I.A. Il'in about main antagonisms of human being

Voznyuk N.A.
Problem of human being in the philosophy of F.A. Stepun

Emelyanov B.V.
The censorship of the philosophy literature in Russia: from the Silver Age to the Iron Age

Korneva S.A.
Some aspects of the freedom problem considered by Russian religious philosophers of the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries

Machkarina O.D.
Problem of basis of human nature and moral person in the philosophy of I. Kant and Russian philosophy of the second half of the XIX century

Simonishvili E.N.
Spiritual essence of the human being in the philosophy of I.A. Il'in

Salmina I.Yu., Kuznetsov Yu.V.
Philosophical, religious and literary trends in the philosophy of Russian cosmism late XIX – early XX centuries

Matrosova E.Yu.
The idea of person and a jural state in the legal philosophy of P.I. Novgorodtsev

Tulyakova E.V.
Role of G.V. Plekhanov in defence and development of materialistic comprehension of history

Kassirov A.G.
Sources of philosophy of M.A. Bakunin

Mishchenko A.V.
Religious and philosophical understanding of "Trinity" by Andrey Rubleov

Volkova N.V.
National idea in Russian philosophy of late XIX – early XX centuries

Nikolaeva T.A.
Philosophical views of Russian masonry of the XIX century

Shamrina O.P.
Philosophic methods of perception of P.A. Florensky and A.F. Losev and apothatism

Kupriyanova E.A.
The problem of religious tolerance in antique Greece

Gnatyuk V.S.
Ecological society as one of the ways of achieving social and cultural stability

Gnatyuk V.S., Nikonov O.A.
Dialectic of sustainable development in social and cultural aspects

Kuznetsov Yu.V., Salmina I.Yu.
Legal socialization of youth as a factor of civil society development

Ryabev V.V.
Civil society of modern Russia: Problems and perspectives of development