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Vol 13, 2010, 3 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Madatov A.G.
An effective field scale reservoir model for history matching and reservoir prediction. Part 1. Model architecture and specification

Madatov A.G.
An effective field scale reservoir model for history matching and reservoir prediction. Part 2. Parametrical upscaling and calibration

Martynenko O.V., Gladkikh M.M., Artamonov I.V.
Object-oriented hierarchical data structure for Framework Atmospheric Model

Yarov V.N., Milkin V.I.
Peculiarities of satellite TV broadcasting on high-latitude satellite-serviced areas

Kholodov G.G., Men'shikov V.I.
Identification and assessment of navigational danger in multistep observations

Krylov R.A.
On formation of contrast effusive complexes from basaltoid abyssal melts

Amosov P.V., Podshivalova A.V.
Modeling of thermal mode of underground object of long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel

Kotov A.A.
On modeling of forces influencing on a moving vessel

Lomov P.A., Putilov V.A., Masloboev A.V.
Distributed semantic retrieval information system user interface intellectuality support: Problems and solutions

Pashentsev S.V.
Solution of Cermelo navigational problem for free axial field of velocities

Zharkikh A.A., Bychkova S.M.
On distribution of Euclidean distances between ordered set of

Volkov I.A.
Selection of image fragments based on its presentation as scalar field: Image processing, field image presentation, fragment selection, image segmentation

Tyolushkin D.P.
Statistic analysis of course recording data in digital form

Kalityonkov A.N., Gurin A.V., Kalityonkov N.V., Milkin V.I.
Peculiarities of radiocommunication at navigation in the northern part of marine area A4

Kalityonkov A.N., Kalityokov N.V., Milkin B.I., Gurin A.V., Chernous S.A.
Equipment complex for researches of GPS positioning peculiarities at navigating in Arctic