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Vol 14, 2011, 1 No

Social and Economic Sciences

Drozhdinina A.I.
Genesis of theoretical foundations of labour market formation

Chechurina M.N.
Theoretical approaches to investigation of management of complex economic systems innovation development

Ershov A.M., Glazunov Yu.T., Kibitkin A.I.
On one example of international cooperation

Marchenko I.S.
Categorical management in commerce: Instrument of management of goods assortment in retail trade

Petko O.V.
Formation of mechanisms of insurance and risks redistribution in situations of possible accidents and natural disasters

Skotarenko O.V.
Problem of sustainable development in Russia and abroad

Tatarnikova I.V.
On budget efficiency in the housing-and-municipal sphere

Gnatyuk A.V.
Innovation development of economy of the Murmansk region according to the model of regional industrial clusters

Luneva E.A.
Cluster approach to regional management of the Murmansk region

Kuznetsova E.S., Gafurov A.R.
Wholesale market of electric power of the region: Problems, risks, and development

Konakova L.V.
Alternate ways of state financial support of small enterprises (by the example of the Murmansk region)

Kuranov Yu.F.
Regional peculiarities of development of coastal fish processing in the North basin

Selin V.S.
Modern economic tendencies of Russian Northern and Arctic regions

Chernov A.S.
Optimization of transport routes of Northern regions of Russia

Rybakov F.F., Agarkov S.A., Breslavets I.N.
Regional peculiarities of economic development of fishery in the Northern basin

Novoseltseva V.D., Naumova M.V.
Cost management as a tool of management of mining enterprises with complex multi-component processing of raw materials

Masloboev A.V., Datyev I.O.
Regional socio-economic environment structural transformations impact simulation on technical and economic characteristics of information and communication systems

Stolbov A.G.
Rational use of marine natural resources

Bogachev V.F., Zharov V.S., Breslavets I.N.
The development of economic integration in the sphere of fishery

Dyachkova M.A.
Competitiveness of fishing complex: ways of increasing

Semyonova S.A.
Fishery complex of modern Russia: Problems and perspectives of development

Turchaninova T.V.
Maintenance and repair of ships using methods of network planning and management

Khrapov V.E., Turchaninova T.V.
Changes of the system of salary in ship repairing enterprises

Glazunov Yu.T.
Emotional experience in the process of defining goals by man

Glazunov Yu.T.
Gradient of purpose and its mathematical model Gradient of purpose and its mathematical model

Kotsuba V.I.
On empirical knowledge of man in the ecclesiastical-academic philosophy of the early XIX century (conception of A. Fisher)

Machkarina O.D.
Critical philosophy of Kant in St.-Petersburg Theological Academy: Critics and interpretation

Machkarina O.D.
On the problem of subjectivity in the philosophy of F.A. Golubinsky: Critical perception of I. Kant

Kuznetsov Yu.V.
The idea of Godmanhood and its historiosophical sense

Kuznetsov Yu.V.
Historiosophical views of Russian democrats A.I. Herzen and N.G. Chernyshevsky

Gerashchenko L.V.
Personnel training for marine activity in the Arctic development

Kovtseva I.P.
Competitive ability of higher educational institutions as a factor of securing economic safety of Russia

Boroukhin D.S.
Economic ensuring of stable development of power industry system during modernization of economics in Russia

Vechirko A.A.
Influence of electrical customers debts on the region's economy (by the example of the Murmansk region)

Gerashchenko D.A.
Russian cities in Arctic: New problems and ways of decisions

Zhuravlyov A.I.
Problems of economy of electric power consumption on house needs in the Murmansk region

Rodin A.V.
Factors influencing tariff policy in electric power industry and social and economic consequences of its realization

Tepman F.A.
System analyses of potential of Murmansk regional railway complex transport capacity