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Vol 14, 2011, 2 No

Philosophical Sciences

Ryabev V.V.
On theoretical sources of forming civil society conception

Kuznetsov Yu.V.
Globalization in the modern historical development of society

Vinogradov A.I.
On the content of the notion "subject of history"

Kuznetsov Yu.V., Salmina I.Yu.
Philosophy of history of N.Ya. Danilevsky and West-European philosophy of the XIX-XX centuries: Peculiarities of reception

Volkova T.P.
On classical theories of multiculturalism and tolerance

Simonenko T.I.
Ontological essence of education in the context of hermeneutic interpretations

Gorbunova L.I.
Postmodernism as tendency of culture development in the XX century

Nikonov O.A.
Philosophical aspects of geometrodynamics

Vlasova S.V.
Multitude of real worlds and universal reality

Klimenchenko S.N.
Grot about the soul

Titov V.F., Tulyakova E.V.
G.V. Plekhanov and his theoretical and educational activity

Klimenchenko S.N.
N. Grot about place and role of metaphysics in human cognitive activity

Shamrina O.P.
Experience of symbol cognitive possibilities in the works of Russian philosophers as spiritual element of upbringing and education

Korneva S.A.
Dostoevsky's views on man

Mishchenko A.V.
National unity as religious, spiritual and philosophical term

Zabelina N.N.
Problems of moral freedom in the heritage of N.P. Ogarev

Melikh Yu.B.
Irrational broadening of philosophy of Gegel and Kant in Russia

Khamatova T.A.
Epistemological views of V.V. Lesevich

Pavlov S.I.
Philosophy of history in Russian philosophical views of the X – early XX centuries

Kuznetsov Yu.V.
Historical destiny of Russia in the doctrine of N.Ya. Danilevsky about cultural and historic types

Machkarina O.D.
Spirituality of person as basis of moral renovation of the Russian society in spiritual and academic heritage of the XIX century

Stolyarova E.A.,
"Mysticism" of dreams in the thoughts of P.A. Florensky

Samylov O.V.
On origins of the principle of historicism in German classical philosophy (I.G. Gerder and his outlooks)

Romanov P.E.
On the problem of mind-body dualism in the modern English-speaking analytical philosophy of mind

Istochnikova A.V.
Human being in philosophical anthropology. From antiquity to F. Nietzsche

Markov B.V.
Problem of social unity in Russian and German philosophy in the XX century

Nikonenko S.V.
The concept of method in analytical philosophy of politics of I. Berlin and M. Oakeshott

Mikhailyuk A.V.
Concept of scientific rationality of K. Popper

Ivanyushkin A.Ya., Lyakh K.F.
The theme of death in the history of philosophy

Nikulina N.N.
On conception of progress in heritage of European philosophers of Antiquity and Middle Ages

Yatsenko M.M.
Intuitionalism of Moore and ethics of Russell

Selin V.S., Tsukerman V.A.
Modern features and tendencies of innovation processes in the North

Kibitkin A.I., Chechurina M.N.
Conceptual approach to estimation of innovative development of an enterprise

Smirnova K.A.
Commercial fishery enterprise as an active member of socio-ecological-economic system

Zubkova M.L.
Estimation of external economic security of the Murmansk region

Larichkin F.D., Cherepovitsyn A.E., Fadeev A.M.
Challenges and prospects of innovation development of the oil and gas sector: Strategic vision

Reus N.I.
Influence of ecological factors on evolution of world development conceptions