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Vol 15, 2012, 4 No

Natural Science

Laius Yu.A.
Nikolai Knipovich and development of international research of the northern seas

Anokhina V.S., Kvasovarova A.N., Shcherbak K.S.
Blood characteristics and histology of gonads of plant breeding and wild Salvelinus alpinus lepechini (G.)

Afoncheva S.A., Malavenda S.S., Kravets P.P.
Distribution of benthic communities in the littoral zone of the Kola Bay

Bakay Yu.I.
Ecological and parasitologic characteristics of golden redfish Sebastes marinus (Scorpaeniformes)

Voskoboinikov G.M., Pugovkin D.V.
On possible role of Fucus vesiculosus in cleaning coastal waters from oil pollution

Denisov V.V., Zhichkin A.P.
N.M. Knipovich's scientific heritage under modern conditions of the integrated development of Barents Sea resources

Denisov V.V., Ilyin G.V., Zhichkin A.P.
Arctic archipelagos of the Barents ecoregion as objects of rational nature management

Dzhenyuk S.L.
On estimation of state of knowledge of the Barents and White Seas

Zakharov D.V., Lyubin P.A.
Фауна, экология и распределение моллюсков семейства Buccinidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda) в Баренцевом море и сопредельных акваториях

Karaseva T.A., Shamray T.V., Pestrikova L.I.
Monitoring of external pathologies of fish in the Barents Sea: Methods and results

Kudryavtseva O.Yu.
Some aspects of biology of the shorthorn sculpin Myoxocephalus scorpius (L.) in the Kola Bay, Barents Sea

Lyubina O.S., Zimina O.L., Frolova E.A., Frolov A.A., Nekhaev I.O., Dikaeva D.R.
Peculiarities of zoobenthos distribution in the coastal zone of the Kola Peninsula

Makarevich P.R.
The primary production of the Barents Sea

Malavenda S.S., Malavenda S.V.
Traits of degeneration in phytocenoses of the south and middle knees of the Kola Bay (Barents Sea)

Manushin I.E.
Frequency of feeding activity of red king crab Paralithodes camtschaticus (Arthropoda, Decapoda) in the Barents Sea

Mukhina I.N., Pestrikova L.I.
Studies of Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography by N.M. Knipovich (PINRO) in the combined feed production and cultivation of perspective objects of aquaculture in the polar re

Mukhina N.V., Dolgov A.V.
Composition and structure of the Barents Sea fish community at early ontogenesis stages according to data of Russian ichthyoplankton surveys (1959-1993)

Orlova E.L., Zaytseva K.A., Yakovlev A.P.
Climate and variability of Euphausiacea species composition in the Barents Sea

Prokopchuk I.P.
Inter-annual dynamics of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.) diet in the Norwegian Sea

Tyukina O.S.
Spatial distribution of phytoplankton of the Murman coast (the Barents Sea) in autumn

Shklyarevich G.A., Shoshina E.V.
Chorda filum (L.) Lamour. (Phaeophyta) as a perspective species for mariculture in the Barents and White Seas

Shoshina E.V., Voskoboinikov G.M., Makarov M.V., Zavalko S.E., Kapkov V.I.
Macroalgae in the biological monitoring of marine coastal ecosystems

Adrov N.M.
Polar challenges of N.M. Knipovich