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Vol 16, 2013, 3 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Akhmetchina O.Yu., Zakharov D.V.
Faunal structure and distribution of bryozoan (Bryozoa) along the transect "Kola meridian" (Barents Sea) in 2010-2011

Belkina O.A., Likhachev A.Yu.
Mosses of the alpine zone in mountains of the Murmansk region

Goncharova O.A., Zhirov V.K., Saltykova S.A.
Analysis of phenological development of introduced plants (Rhododendron L.) in the Kola North

Goncharova O.V., Shoshina E.V.
Morphofunctional parameters of Fucus vesiculosus in conditions of the Kola Bay

Gorbunova S.I.
Germination of perennial onion seeds in the botanical garden of MSTU

Dvoretsky A.G., Dvoretsky V.G.
Species composition of macrosymbionts and epibionts of red king crab in the littoral of the Barents Sea (Dalnezelenetskaya Bay) in 2010

Dvoretsky V.G., Dvoretsky A.G.
The mortality levels of two common copepods in the Barents Sea

Klindukh M.P., Obluchinskaya E.D.
Comparative study of chemical composition of brown seaweed Fucus vesiculosus and Ascophyllum nodosum

Lutsenko E.S., Shalygin S.S., Davydov D.A.
Periphytic cyanobacteria of littoral of the Kola Bay (Barents Sea)

Makarevich P.R.
Effects of development of offshore oil and gas fields on pelagic algal cenoses of the Barents Sea

Malavenda S.V., Komrakova D.G., Malavenda S.S.
Changes of structure of literal phytocenoses of the Kola Bay caused by antropogenic influence

Malavenda S.V., Metelsky A.A.
Associations of kelp forest in Ivanovskaya and Drozdovka Bay (Barents Sea, Murman coast)

Meshcheryakov N.I.
Accumulation and redistribution of sedimentary material in the mouth zone of the river Gr?ndahl (Spitsbergen)

Minzyuk T.V., Kavtsevich N.N.
Bactericidal cationic protein in leucocytes of marine mammals

Petrovsky M.N., Pokhil'ko A.A.
Floristic records of rare species of vascular plants in the central part of the Kola Peninsula

Poloskova E.Yu., Goncharova O.A., Kuzmin A.V.
Age features and dynamics of radial growth of the pine ordinary on the Kola Peninsula

Khimich Yu.R.
Aphyllophoroid fungi on wood introducents of green plantations in Apatity

Shoshina E.V., Anisimova N.A.
Seaweeds from the area of the Ledyanaya Havan Inlet (Novaya Zemlya, Northern Island, Kara Sea)

Bayurova Yu.L., Nesterov D.P., Korneva E.A., Svetlov A.V., Makarov D.V., Masloboev V.A.
Artificial geochemical barriers as a way to solution of ecological and technological problems

Vashenko P.S., Kalinka O.P.
Using GIS for assessment of sensitivity of the Kola Bay shoreline to oil spill

Elizarova I.R., Masloboeva S.M.
Peculiarities of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in analysis of high-purity solid precursors based on niobium pentoxide

Kaychenov A.V., Vlasov A.V., Vlasova A.R., Grokhovskiy V.A., Kuranova L.K.
Comparison of modern and traditional canned food sterilization methods

Mesyats S.P., Ostapenko S.P.
The methodological approach to assessment of chemical weathering intensity of stockpiled mineral raw materials

Piskunovich D.I., Mukhin V.A., Rysakova K.S., Lyzhov I.I., Golikova L.N.
Biochemical criteria for assessing the quality of the protein component of smoked fish products

Reut K.V., Dolgopyatova N.V., Novikov V.Yu., Putintsev N.M., Konovalova I.N., Kuchina Yu.A.
Optical activity and spectrophotometric characteristics of chitosan solutions obtained from the Kamchatka crab and the Arctic shrimp

Shveikina K.S., Volchenko V.I., Peretrukhina A.T., Kuranova L.K., Nesvyaschenko S.S.
Production of combined foods rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids using cod liver and its oil

Yugai V.S., Dauvalter V.A., Kashulin N.A.
Concentrations of bioavailable forms of metal compounds in bottom sediments of lakes and the enrichment factor as attributes of reservoirs' ecological situation (by the example of Murmansk region lake

Borisova L.F., Solov'yov A.A.
Factors of navigation safety in the mobile traffic control system

Borisova L.F., Solov'yov A.A.
Navigation problems of small-size swimming facilities in the seaport area and ways of their solution in a sea transport system

Men'shikov V.I., Kovalchuk V.V., Papusha A.N., Kuliznev I.A.
Efficiency of procedures protecting vessel safety

Men'shikov V.I., Papusha A.N., Kovalchuk V.V., Okulichev D.I.
Technique of estimation of indeterminacy in plans of ship operations