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Vol 18, 2015, 3 No


Agarkov S. A., Selin V. S.
Arctic communication in the global economy and the development of the Northern Sea Route

Bogachev V. F., Veretennikov N. P., Sokolov P. V.
Regional interests of Russia in the concept of development of the Arctic

Bogoyavlensky V. I., Bogoyavlensky I. V.
Development of oil and gas fields in the Arctic seas and other Russian offshore areas

Veretennikov N. P., Bogachev V. F., Ul'chenko M. V.
Northern Sea Route: Transport, economy, geopolitics

Zharov V. S., Ivanova M. V.
Management problems of socio-economic development of the Arctic regions

Ivanov G. V.
National security of Russia in the Arctic:Problems and solutions

Ivanova M. V., Zharov V. S.
Terms, factors and threats of functioning the bio-socio-economic system of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Kibitkin A. I., Peregorodova O. V.
The main approaches to formation of habitat of socio-ecological and economic systems of commercial fishery

Koz'menko S. Yu., Bryzgalova A. E.
Current trends in the Russian closed military territories'development in the military potential buildup

Kotomin А. B.
Vankor cluster: Development of oil extraction and pipeline transport in the East Arctic

Kudinov N. N.
The Coast Guard Federal Security Service of Russia and protection of marine economic activities in the Arctic

Kukor B. L., Stolbov A. G., Kuz'min N. A.
Investigation of coordination of government, municipal and corporate strategic management of socio-economic development of the Arctic coast

Kuranov Yu. F.
The state and trends of fishing activity development in the North-West of Russia

Litovsky V. V.
Prospects for development of the Ural part of the Arctic coast:Geographical aspects

Lukin Yu. F.
Analysis of the Northern Sea Route activity

Masloboev A. V., Putilov V. A.
Specificity and structure of regional security control information support problem

Minakir P. А., Goryunov А. P.
Spatial and economic aspects of development of the Arctic

Podsvetova T. V.
Development of navigable communications of the Arctic as an element of national security of the Russian Federation

Pushkareva L. V., Kotov A. I.
Arctic innovative system as the institutional framework of the regional knowledge economy

Rokhchin V. E., Polyansky A. V.
The nature, composition and main functions of the system of scientific support in development and implementation of strategic goals for developing the economic potential of an enterprise

Rusanov I. P., Kriger Е. I.
On realization of the transportation strategy of Russia in the Arctic zone and the occurring problems

Savel'eva S. B., Grin Yu. A.
Modernization of the Arctic system of mineral resources' transportation

Selin V. S., Koz'menko S. Yu., Vydrina E. O.
The Northern Sea Route: The interaction of economic and defense components

Stolbov A. G., Kukor B. L., Evgrafova L. E.
Prospects for the development of natural resources in the Russian Arctic in the conditions of sanction restrictions

Tatarkin A. I., Petrov M. B.
Priorities for the preparation and implementation of strategic mega-projects involving new hydrocarbon areas of the Arctic coast

Teslya A. B., Bulacheva L. V.
Formation and development of labour potential of the Russian Federation Arctic zone

Turchaninova T. V. , Khrapov V. E., Kibitkin A. I.
Evaluation of machine-building enterprises of the Kola Peninsula for developing of the Arctic communications

Fedoseev S. V., Zakharova A. A.
Diversification of companies' activity of the Arctic fuel and energy complex

Khramchikhin A. A.
The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the military-political and economic situation in the Arctic

Schegolkova А. А.
Еconomic situation of the Ukrainian gas transit