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Vol 3, 2000, 2 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

  • The Ores Mineralogy of the Kola Peninsula
  • Geology of Mineral Resources of the Kola Region

    The Ores Mineralogy of the Kola Peninsula

    Balabonin N.L., Korchagin A.U., Subbotin V.V., Neradovsky Yu.N., Karpov S.M., Pakhomovsky Ya.A., Savchenko Ye.E.
    The minerals of platinum metals and new data on major minerals of the Fedorovo-Pansky massif ores

    Balabonin N.L., Korchagin A.U., Subbotin V.V., Karpov S.M., Pakhomovsky Ya.A., Savchenko Ye.E.
    The platinum group rare minerals of the low grade sulphide ores of the Fedorovo-Pansky massif

    Krivenko A.P., Glotov A.I.
    Types of deposits, stores, production activity and market of platinum metals

    Subbotin V.V., Korchagin A.U., Balabonin N.L., Savchenko Ye.E., Karpov S.M., Kulakov A.N.
    Mineral composition of new shows of platinum-metal mineralization in the eastern part of the Panskaya tundra massif

    Gavrilenko B.V., Mitrofanov F.P., Zozulya D.R., Chikiryov I.V., Sorokhtin N.O., Kalachyov V.Yu., Basalaeva V.I.
    Diamond placer's potential of the Kola region

    Voloshin A.V.
    On systematization of Y and REE carbonates

    Liferovich R.P., Subbotin V.V., Pakhomovsky Ya.A., Lyalina M.F.
    New genetic type of scandium mineralization in the iron-ore complex of the Kovdor massif

    Liferovich R.P., Yakovenchuk V.N., Pakhomovsky Ya.A., Bogdanova A.N.
    Crandallite group minerals of the Kovdor massif

    Subbotin V.V., Subbotina G.F.
    Minerals of the pyrochlore group in phoskorites and carbonatites of the Kola Peninsula

    Vursy G.L.
    On composition of clinopyroxenes and olivines from the ultrabasic-basic complex of the Gremyakha-Vyrmes pluton

    Lyalina M.F.
    Raman spectroscopy of the garnet group minerals from the metamorphic rocks of the Lapland Granulite Belt

    Geology of Mineral Resources of the Kola Region

    Dudkin O.B.
    On the alkaline plutones orebearing problem

    Kislitsyn R.V., Balagansky V.V., Manttari I., Gannibal L.F., Pozhilenko V.I.
    U-Pb zircon age from gabbronorites and gabbroanorthosites of the Voche-Lambina study area, the Kola Peninsula

    Vrevsky A.B., Drugova G.M., Kozlov N.E., Skublov S.G.
    On geochemistry of rare earth elements in the Lapland Granulite Complex (the Baltic Shield)

    Ivanov A.A., Glaznev V.N., Osipenko L.G., Martynov E.V., Kozlov N.E.
    Early Precambrian continental accretion on the European part of the North-Atlantic region: Petrochemical and geophysical data

    Petrov S.I., Kremenetskaya E.O., Asming V.E., Kuzmin I.A., Nakhshina L.P.
    Seismic monitoring and preliminary estimation of seismicity of the Verkhne-Tuloma Hydroelectric Plant district

    Shipilov Ed.V.
    Hydrocarbons fields of the Russian Arctic shelf: Geology and regularities of the disposal

    Madatov A.G., Sereda A.-V.I.
    The forward and inverse fluid dynamic problems of pore pressure prediction in sedimentary basins. 2. The practical aspect