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Vol 24, 2021, 1 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2021-24-1

Earth Sciences

Kalinin A. A., Kaulina T. V., Serov P. A.
Comparison of isotope data obtained with Sm-Nd and Re-Os methods for minerals and rocks from the Ozernoe ore occurrence, Salla-Kuolajarvi belt
P. 5-13

Kovachev S. A., Krylov A. A.
Seismic hazard assessment for the underwater gas pipeline route in the water area of the Nevelskoy Strait
P. 14-34

Kozlov N. Е., Sorokhtin N. О., Martynov E. V., Marchuk T. S.
Peculiar features of the supracomplexes formation in the Keivy domain
P. 35-45

Neradovsky Y. N. , Miroshnikova Y. А., Kompanchenko A. А., Chernyavsky A. V.
On unique stone beaches on the Arctic coast of the Kola Peninsula
P. 46-56

M. Yu. Sidorov, Kozlov E. N., Fomina E. N.
Geology, petrography and mineralogy of explosive breccias of Sallanlatva, Kola Region
P. 57-68

Fedorov I. S., Fedorov A. V., Asming V. E.
Registration of avalanches in the Khibiny Mountains by the geophysical methods
P. 69-79

Huber M., Mokrushin A. V.
Sulfur isotope signatures of sulfides from the Khibina and Lovozero massifs (Kola Alkaline Province, Fennoscandian Shield)
P. 80-87

Gorbacheva T. T., Lusis A. V., Ivanova L. A.
Chemical amelioration of nepheline sands using sewage sludge from a regional wastewater treatment plant
P. 88-96

Isaeva L. G., Sukhareva T. A.
Assessment of the green spaces' state in the impact zone of the Pechenganikel smelter, the Murmansk region
P. 97-106

Maksimova V. V., Krasavtseva E. A., Masloboev V. A., Makarov D. V.
Investigation of the solubility of dust particles in soil solution at different temperatures (on the example of the tailings of the loparite ores' concentration)
P. 107-117

Kremenetskaya I. P., Ivanova T. K., Gurevich B. I., Novikov A. I., Semushin V. V.
Separate deposition of metals from highly concentrated solutions with granulated magnesia-silicate reagent
P. 118-130

Chickiryov I. V., Tolstobrov D. S., Sorokhtin N. O., Nikiforov S. L., Melousov A. А., Ananiev R. A., Dmitrevsky N. N.
Lithological characteristics of modern sediments in the southwestern part of the Kara Sea shelf
P. 131-141