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Vol 24, 2021, 2 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2021-24-2

Biological Sciences. Earth Sciences

Kapkov V. I. , Shoshina E. V.
Intertidal community of fucoid seaweeds in the Yarnyshnaya Bay, the Barents Sea
P. 149-159

Voytekhovsky Y. L. , Zakharova A. A.
Petrographic structures: Khibiny ijolites and urtites
P. 160-167

Skublov S. G., Mamykina M. E., Rizvanova N. G.
U-Pb age and trace elements composition of titanite from granites of Belokurikhinsky massif, Gorny Altai
P. 168-177

Isakova E. A., Korneykova M. V.
Destructive activity of hydrocarbon-oxidizing micromycetes extracted from the substrates of the coastal areas, the Barents and White Seas
P. 178-189

Postevaya M. A., Slukovskii Z. I.
Analysis of atmospheric emissions in Murmansk and their relationship with pollution of urban lakes
P. 190-201

Seleznev V. A.
Seasonal variability of sulfate ions in the Volga River water
P. 202-213

Shekov V. A.
Natural risks and monitoring systems: Case study of the mining-industrial heritage objects of Karelia (Ruskeala Mining Park), Russia
P. 214-227

Amosov P. V.
Numerical simulation of the thermal regime of an underground spent fuel storage facility (built-in structure variant)
P. 228-239