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Vol 4, 2001, 1 No

Natural and Engineering, Social and Economic, Philosophical Sciences

  • Reports of the Scientific and Technical Conference Dedicated the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the MSTU
  • Natural Sciences
  • Economics and Philosophy

    Reports of the Scientific and Technical Conference Dedicated the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the MSTU

    Voronin A.I.
    Basic tendencies of education in fishing branch

    Shtykov V.F.
    Murmansk State Technical University as an example of high school development in the new social and economic conditions

    Buch O.V.
    Internet-technology in development of regional education

    Vul'fovich B.A.
    Experience of navigation department on reading lectures on special discipline in English

    Esko Lakso
    Schooling of water and wastewater engineers in the Murmansk State Technical University in co-operation with the University of Oulu

    Prygunov A.I.
    Computer technology and mathematics at the end of the XX century: results and perspectives

    Ol'khovsky V.E., Solov'yov A.A., Sudnin V.M.
    Theoretical bases of vessel manoeuvring and their practical usage

    Putintsev N.M., Derkach S.P., Konovalova I.N., Shibanov V.N., Beryoza I.G., Martem'yanova E.S.
    Chemistry and environmental protection

    Namgaladze A.A., Bogolubov A.A., Kalityonkov N.V., Pivovarov V.G., Sverdlov Yu.L., Uspensky M.V.
    Geophysical researches in the Arctic

    Loskutov V.I.
    Regional problems of economics, prediction and control

    Martem'yanova E.S.
    Mineral resources in Russian economics

    Yarotsky G.P.
    Role of the geologic medium in forming bioefficiency of hydrobionts of river basins and the Arctic shelf

    Natural Sciences

    Madatov A.G., Sereda V.-A.I.
    The decomposition of 3-d overpressure evolution model in basin scale and its application to the fault seal analysis

    Dranitsa Yu.P.
    Modelling of one-dimensional dynamic processes with the purpose of preliminary processes

    Larkina V.I., Migulin V.V., Sergeeva N.G., Senin B.V.
    Lithosphere geodynamics research by satellite measurements of electromagnetic emission

    Mikaelson O., Zueva M.N., Pivovarova N.B., Tkachenko B.V.
    Results of the water quality researches in the river Kola within the framework of the Russian-Swedish Kola Regional Environment Programme (KREP)

    Economics and Philosophy

    Bezuglova M.A.
    Basic problems of regional power policy and principles of its formation

    Orlov N.A.
    On peculiarities of fuel and energy complex operation

    Volchenko I.O.
    Some problems of obtaining and forming of knowledge

    Vlasova S.V.
    Synthesis of natural sciences' and humanitarian culture in educational process

    Bezuglova M.A., Gomonov N.D.
    Some international aspects of prevention of legalization of incomes obtained by a pirate way

    Yezhov Yu.A.
    Control function of the Russian state

    Mararitsa V.F. and Okoneshnikov P.N.
    The long way to a temple