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Vol 25, 2022, 4 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2022-25-4

Electrical Engineering. Transport

Votinov M. V., Ershov M. A.
Formation of digital counterparts of automatic control objects using neural networks in cold fish drying processes
P. 291-297

Kaychenov A. V., Lukin S. A., Yarotskaya A. A.
Development of a system for automated monitoring of microclimate parameters and an automated system for monitoring and accounting for electricity of a model facility
P. 298-304

Nesterkina N. P., Kuznetsov E. A., Zhuravleva Ju.A.
Studying changes in the lighting characteristics of retrofit LED lamps during long-term testing
P. 305-312

Akhmetshin A. R., Soluyanov Yu. I., Fedotov A. I., Chernova N. V., Soluyanov V. I.
Calculation of specific electrical loads of residential buildings based on actual measurements
P. 313-323

Vinogradov A. V., Lansberg A. A., Vinogradova A. V.
Analysis of the technical condition and service life of 35–110 kV overhead power transmission lines in the Oryol Region
P. 324-333

Vlasov A. B., Buev S. A., Kucherenko V. V., Urvantsev V. I.
Analysis of the traction motor electrical parameters of the trolleybus
P. 334-344

Kayumov B. A.
Development of test methods for electromechanical sensors of vehicles used for operation in regions with a hot climate
P. 345-353

Nemirovskiy A. E., Kichigina G. A., Sergievskay I. Y., Nikiforova O. M., Sokolova V. A.
Comparative assessment of different methods of drying electric motors windings insulation
P. 354-364

Petrov T. I., Safin A. R., Gracheva E. I., Ivshin I. V., Tsvetkov A. N., Basenko V. R.
Simulation of operating the equipment of mobile charging installation for charging electric vehicles to confirm compliance with climatic and mechanical performance groups
P. 365-377

Savenko A. E., Savenko P. S.
Features of ensuring high-quality work of modern electrical power systems of unmanned vessels
P. 378-389

Savateev D. A.
Programming of marine engineers' simulator training
P. 390-399

Solovyov A. A., Shugay S. N.
Application of the proportional navigation method in solving problems of navigation
P. 400-408