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Vol 26, 2023, 3 No

DOI: 10.21443/1560-9278-2023-26-3

Food Technology

Glukharev A. Y., Barabashina S. I., Volchenko V. I., Zhivlyantseva Ju. V., Poteshkina V. A., Uskova I. V.
The use of fermented minced fish with probiotics in the recipe composition of dry-cured sausages
P. 207-222

Mezenova O. Ya., Agafonova S. V., Romanenko N. Yu., Kalinina N. S., Volkov V. V., Merzel J.-T.
Investigation of the biopotential of products of hydrolysis of waste from cutting the white-legged shrimp Penaeus vannamei
P. 223-231

Merzlyakova N. V., Tikhonov S. L., Tikhonova N. V., Pestova I. G., Kulagova E. P.
Prediction of antimicrobial activity of a food peptide and evaluation of its effectiveness in vitro
P. 232-241

Antipova T. A., Androsova N. L., Felik S. V., Simonenko S. V., Kudryashova O. V.
Development of the composition and technology of dry drinks based on whey
P. 242-248

Yerofejeva A. V., Burmasova M. A., Sysoeva M. A.
Producing plant-supplemented oat-based beverages
P. 249-256

Maradudin M. S., Simakova I. V., Maradudin A. M.
Effect of red food bean flour on the rheological properties of pasta
P. 257-263

Petrov B. F.
Development of methodology for creating technologies for processing low-grade semi-finished products of fish oils and fatty waste
P. 264-271

Reznichenko I. Yu., Egushova E. A., Donchenko T. А.
Fish quality monitoring for sustainable product safety
P. 272-280

Saukenova M. M., Nurgalieva B. M., Beloglazova K. E., Ushakova Yu. V., Rysmukhambetova G. Y.
Development of an ice cream recipe using mare's milk and polysaccharides
P. 281-291

Slavyansky A. A., Mitroshina D. P., Gribkova V. A., Ermolaev V. A., Bondarchuk O. N.
Beet pulp of sugar production and prospects for its use
P. 292-303

Khamitova A. S., Nurgalieva B. M., Beloglazova C. E., Rysmukhambetova G. E., Ivanova L. M.
Development of the technology of milk sauce with the addition of guarana
P. 304-315

Shokin G. O., Mandryka K. S., Shokina Yu. V.
On the issue of improving the mathematical model of the pyrolysis process in smoke generators with thermal radiation power supply of periodic and continuous action
P. 316-334

Lisienko S. V., Ivanko N. S.
Solving the problem of optimizing fishing activities
P. 335-343