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Vol 4, 2001, 2 No

Social and Economic Sciences

  • Social and Economic Sciences

    Social and Economic Sciences

    Loskutov V.I.
    Principles of the modern economical theory

    Reus N.I.
    The role and tasks of state regulation of economics

    Kavalauskene V.A.
    Cardinal modern economical problems and specificity of their solution

    Chechurina M.N.
    Administrative innovations and economical development of the society

    Kachala V.V.
    System approach to economic parameters' forecasting

    Ryukhov P.S. and Milyakova L.V.
    Career and factors defining it

    Pivovarova N.B.
    Use of Solow production function for two-product firm modelling

    Bekrenev L.L. and Igonina V.I.
    Regulation of investment processes in the Northern economic region

    Vasil'ev A.M. and Kuranov Yu.F.
    On estimation of market transformations and integration of fish branch in the European and world fish industry

    Yemel'yanova I.N.
    Direct foreign investments in the Russian economics

    Krupornitskaya I.A.
    The organization of self-administration in the USA

    Petko O.V.
    On problems of foreign investments in Russia

    Sokolov I.B.
    Development of offshore business in Russia

    Shchebarova N.N.
    Development of regional and border cooperation as a part of foreign economic relations of Russia

    Dolmatova E.V.
    Off-budget resources: problems of their deriving and usage by budgetary organizations

    Chernov A.S.
    Optimization of financial resources of raw refining plants

    Shcherbakov S.A.
    Historical aspects of development of the innovation process conception

    Ivanov I.V.
    Management system of fish resources of Norway

    Konakova L.V.
    On development of marketing service in banks

    Krayev A.A.
    The modern systems of bar encoding of products

    Orlov N.A.
    Economical conditions of shelf exploration

    Bezuglova M.A.
    Analysis and prediction of energy consuming and energy saving problems in the Murmansk region

    Emel'yanov A.V.
    Kandalaksha as a tourist region. Problems and outlooks of development

    Grishin V.A.
    Criteria of the regional budget stability estimation

    Peredery A.A.
    Problems and tendencies of development of town creating plants of the Murmansk region

    Signer T.A.
    The statistical analysis of migration of the Murmansk region population

    Soloukhina T.P.
    The problems of educational institutions financing during the reformation of education

    Gomonov N.D., Bezrukov A.V. and Krylova T.V.
    Problems of criminal responsibility of persons with mental deviations

    Bezrukov A.V. and Zhuravlov O.M.
    Problems of mass media influence on the potential and real criminals

    Bezuglova М.А. and Gomonov N.D.
    Involvement of the advocate in court cases concerning economical crimes

    Plevako L.V. and Timokhov V.P.
    Supervising and control authorities in the Russian state

    Timokhov V.P.
    Some peculiarities of principles of the Russian Criminal Law