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Vol 5, 2002, 3 No

Philosophical Sciences

  • Philosophy
  • Law


    Glukhikh Ya.A.
    Problems of right and morality in the philosophy of P. Novgorodtsev

    Dudina I.A.
    I.A.Il'in: The metaphysical foundation of human life

    Zhelnina Z.Yu.
    On problems of education philosophy in the heritage of I.V.Kireevsky

    Zabelina N.N.
    Conservation and development of the national culture in the sphere of education in emigration ("the first wave")

    Karataeva L.N.
    On the problem of correlation of the right and morals

    Keller G.S.
    Dialectics of common to all mankind and national values in the Euroasian concept

    Kuznetsov A.N.
    Anthropological principle in the philosophy of N.G. Chernyshevsky

    Lissaniuok E.N.
    What is allowed to Jupiter from the logic point of view?

    Lukichova I.A.
    Practical and artificial in the critical philosophy of Kant

    Morozova O.P.
    Typology of the person in the heritage of D.I.Pisarev

    Neshataev I.G.
    The concrete forms of freedom development in Gegel's philosophy

    Nikulina N.N.
    Upbringing and education as factors of social progress in the concept of N.G.Shelgunov

    Ryabev V.V
    Problem of the civil society formation in the political and cultural context (Political and sociological aspects)

    Sokhranyaeva T.V.
    Education, social risks and human development

    Tuchkova T.V.
    The Russian emigre thinkers about the factors of formation of the national nature

    Shtets T.P.
    The Russian philosophical poetry and methodological fundamentals of its analysis


    Bezrukov A.V., Gomonov N.D.
    Motivation of marginal valid behaviour

    Gomonov N.D., Bezrukov A.V.
    Problems of the criminal responsibility of the minors with indications of lagging in mental development non-connected to mental insanity

    Maksimets L.G.
    On the problem of the definition of the term "service"