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Vol 8, 2005, 2 No

Social and Economic Sciences

Agarkov S.A.
An aggregated model of economic increase according to the optimum of the bank service

Agarkov S.A.
Economic and institutional aspects of state regional policy in Russia

Baranov S.V., Skuf'ina T.P.
Social and economic prediction: History, up-to-dateness, teaching problems

Bezuglova M.A.
Analysis of economic indices in the system of national economic safety

Bezuglova M.A.
The Russian energy and the national economic safety

Vasil'ev A.M.
Comparison of state control and fishery regulation in Norway and in Russia (including the European North)

Vasil'ev A.M.
Management of fishery potential as one of the basic condition of fishing industry effective functioning

Votinova E.M.
Genesis, functioning and up-to-date modification of the property forms

Dorogovtseva A.A.
The social and economic potential of the Europian North regions and problems of its use

Ivanova O.P.
Offshore business in Russian Federation: Modern state and perspectives of development

Ivanova O.P., Nemykin A.V.
Russian industrial enterprises in international division of labour

Kiselyova A.V.
On restructurization of industrial companies

Kosmin N.P.
The substance and role of choice and regulation substantiation of investment projects in a region

Krupornitskaya I.A.
Ways of perfection of gas industry management in foreign markets

Martem'yanova E.S.
Conceptual foundations of the regional system management of consumption residue

Pachina T.M., Pochivalova G.P.
Extraterritoriality of capital and raw stock regions: A hot problem of regional policy

Pachina T.M.
The regional field of decision making in the conditions of financial shocks

Pribytkova G.V.
Analysis and risk assessment of product companies in the process of investment designing

Savel'eva S.B.
Natural and economic-organizing peculiarities of marine economical activity

Savel'eva S.B.
Transport infrastructure and integration processes in North-Western Russia

Fadeev A.M.
Rent as a financial resource for revival of fish industry in the Murmansk region

Fomin S.Yu.
Peculiarities of bioresource catch accounting extractive capacity

Khrapov V.E., Turchaninova T.V.
The efficiency of an integral factor application for distribution of biological resources

Khrapov V.E., Turchaninova T.V.
The methods of increasing of state influence on fish industry

Chechurina M.N.
The analysis of models of scientific and technological advance as a factor of economic development

Shchebarova N.N.
The development of globalization by liberalization of regional economic ties