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Vol 9, 2006, 4 No

Natural and Engineering, Social and Economic, Philosophical Sciences

  • Philosophy
  • Social and Economic Sciences
  • Engineering Sciences


    Vasintseva L.M.
    On the development of juvenile justice

    Ketskalo N.M.
    On evolution of the problem of personality in the history of philosophical knowledge

    Klimenchenko S.N.
    On evolution and development of Grott's philosophical views

    Lyakh K.F.
    Hospis: A social institute of the post-industrial society

    Tumanov A.A.
    Peculiarity of right and legal freedom (ways of Kant substantiation)

    Tishulina S.G.
    Polycultural education in the system of future teachers' training

    Social and Economic Sciences

    Bezuglova M.A.
    Development of market of capitals in power system

    Buch O.V.
    Process approach to management: To the question of processes' interaction

    Vasenin A.P.
    Internet systems used in state and corporation enterprises' purchases

    Volskaya S.F., Zaitsev A.A.
    On the problems of technical students' legal literacy

    Votinova E.M.
    On realization of state ownership in the context of world experience

    Gaponenkova N.B.
    The influence of organization terms on a company size

    Getmanov V.V., Drozhdinina A.I.
    On concept of energy safety and sustainable development of heat supply companies

    Gushchina I.A., Dovidenko A.V.
    Population incomes as a factor of its social state (the Murmansk region)

    Davydov K.A.
    On the system of leasing operations for fishery shipbuilding in the Russian Federation

    Dolmatova E.V.
    Federal Contract System as a mechanism of state management

    Zharov V.S., Tsukerman V.A.
    Forecasting and modeling of mining enterprises' innovation development

    Zaitseva E.I.
    Budget in development of regional industry

    Ivanova T.N.
    Peculiarities of formation of timber industry complex management mechanism

    Konoplyov R.V.
    Analysis and estimation of investment projects

    Makarenko E.V.
    The role of the state in machine-building industry investment policy

    Matveeva E.A.
    Tendencies and problems of development of cellular communications service market

    Mironova A.V.
    The process of intra-firm planning in modern enterprises

    Moskalenko K.A.
    The Russian Federation and European Union: Cooperation in the sphere of trade and investment in 1995-2005

    Mukhomedzyanova E.V.
    Controlling as a function of enterprise management

    Rapnitskaya N.M.
    Insurance as a basic method of economic risk management

    Reus M.A.
    On criteria of economic knowledge evaluation

    Savel'eva S.B., Savel'ev A.N., Kozinsky I.V.
    Peculiarities and typology of marine economical activity

    Sboilova L.E.
    Features of regional investment strategy of small business

    Tikhonova Zh.V.
    Institutional medium – the basis of effective functioning of the corporative sector

    Fomin S.Yu.
    The world experience of extractive facility regulation

    Tsaryova S.V.
    Investment planning as a way of providing enterprise stability

    Shekhovtseva L.S.
    On concepts of strategic management of the region development

    Ivanova M.V., Nevolin A.E.
    Estimation of life quality as a basis of social and economic policy in the region (by the example of the Murmansk region)

    Engineering Sciences

    Baryshnikov A.V., Yershov A.M.
    On the radio wave method of acids, carbonyl and phenol compounds contents in smoking preparations and extracts

    Dimova V.V., Yershov A.M., Grokhovsky V.A.
    On kinetics and dynamics of fish brining

    Yershov M.A., Yershov A.M., Nikolaenko O.A.
    On the method of humidity estimation at the fish fillet surface during dehydration

    Motylyova T.A., Petrov B.F.
    Tribe-technical and surface-active properties of soap water flows of fish oil production

    Tolstorebrov I.N., Yershov A.M.
    On the method of minced fish production with adjusted performances

    Chebotok E.N., Novikov V.Yu., Konovalova I.N.
    Influence of solvents character on kinetics of chitin and chitosan depolymerization