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Vol 12, 2009, 2 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Dranitsa Yu.P., Dranitsa A.Yu.
Some problems based on dynamic simulation

Dranitsa Yu.P., Dranitsa A.Yu., Alekseevskaya O.V.
Spectral analysis based on the linear dynamic model

Zharkikh A.A.
Images processing based on wavelet transformation in Haar basis over Galois field

Zharkikh A.A.
Two-stage algorithm of allocation of contours in images

Zharkikh A.A., Plastunov V.Yu.
On a new method of watermark embedding in an audio signal

Zharkikh A.A., Pavlov I.A.
Analysis of algorithm of audio wave coding on the basis of spectrograms

Zharkikh A.A., Kvashenko V.A.
Comparison of representation accuracy of Gaussian wavelets of different orders

Masloboev A.V.
Software agents interaction models and algorithms in the virtual business environment of innovation development

Kalityonkov A.N., Suslov A.N., Kalityonkov N.V., Milkin V.I., Kuchura A.N., Ivanyugin M.S.
On optimum navigation in ice conditions. Using of thermal radar

Suslov A.N., Pyatsi A.H., Kalityonkov N.V.
Prospects of thermal radars' application on vessels in modern conditions of navigation

Korablyov V.G., Pashentsev S.V., Yudin Yu.I.
Reliability of localization of moving vessel position by two distant GPS-receivers

Barakhta A.V., Yudin Yu.I.
Structure and principles of dynamic positioning systems' work

Yudin Yu.I., Barakhta A.V.
Problems of functioning, safety and quality of operation of vessels with dynamic control systems

Maslov A.A., Vlasov A.V., Kaychenov A.V., Vlasova A.R., Yatsenko V.V.,
Upgrading of a sterilizer on the basis of the medical sterilizer AVK-30

Maslov A.A., Yatsenko V.V., Vlasova A.R., Vlasov A.V.
On the method of spectroscopic researchof substance in the systems of continuous control of the smoking liquid composition

Sovlukov A.S., Maslov A.A., Yatsenko V.V., Vlasova A.P.
The resonator method for measurement of physical properties of liquids using striplines

Viskov A.Yu., Krupornitskiy D.A.
Basic approaches to optimum automatic management of fish cold smoking

Masloboeva S.M., Duboshin G.N., Arutyunyan L.G.
Extraction of heptafluorotantalate from fluoride-sulphuric acid solutions

Vlasov A.B.
Evaluation of wind loading influence thermographic diagnostics of energetics objects

Rakut’ko S.A.
Compensation of reactive power as a way of energy consumption reduction of a consumer power system

Asming V.E., Jevtjugina Z.A., Vinogradov Yu.A., Fyodorov A.V.
Analysis of infrasonic signals generated by technogenic sources

Namgaladze A.A., Zolotov O.V., Zakharenkova I.E., Shagimuratov I.I., Martynenko O.V.
Ionospheric total electron content variations observed before earthquakes: Possible physical mechanism and modeling

Zubova Yu.V., Namgaladze A.A.
The vibrationally excited molecular nitrogen effects by numarical modelling of the ionospheric F2-layer behaviour during major magnetic storms

Sergeeva N.G., Ogloblina O.F., Chernyakov S.M.
Strong earthquakes and their influence on the polar lower ionosphere

Zhuravlyova N.G.
Dependence of abiotic and biotic environmental factors on probability of embryos and young fish survival

Larina T.M., Zhuravlyova N.G.
Mariculture in the Northern countries