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Vol 12, 2009, 4 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Mitrofanov F.P.
The Early Precambrian geodynamics, magmatism and metallogeny of the Kola Province

Asming V.E., Baranov S.V., Vinogradov A.N., Vinigradov Yu.A.
Seasonal character of seismicity in the region of Spitsbergen Archipelago

Kalashnik A.I., Zaporozhets D.V., Dyakov А.Yu., Demakhin А.Yu.
Subsurface georadar sounding of mine-geological media on the Kola Peninsula

Ivanova V.А., Mitrofanova G.V.
On the role of pitch acids in apatite flotation with talloils under the conditions of water cycling

Kozyrev S.А., Vasserman А.D., Osintseva А.V.
Assessment of the aeration parameters and the open pit atmosphere polluted with adverse technological impurities

Kozyrev A.А., Zhabin S.V., Churkin О.E.
The state and potential of the mining industry of the Murmansk region

Abramov N.N., Yepimakhov Yu.А.
Assessment of the state of rock mass hosting large-span underground structures in the process of their long-term operation

Melnikov N.N., Kalashnik A.I., Kalashnik N.А.
Geodynamical processes induced by the Barents sea shelf oil-and-gas fields development

Nagovitsyn О.V., Alisov А.Yu.
Computer-aided surface mining scheduling by Mineframe software

Rakayev A.I., Alekseyeva S.A., Morozova T.A., Chernousenko Ye.V.
A study of the ilmenite-ritano-magnetite ores mineral composition, the South-East Gremyakha, and the choice of

Skorokhodov V.F., Khokhulya M.S.
Effectiveness increase of iron-ore waste separation

Naumov V.А., Karavayeva E.V.
The study of the self-catalytic criticality phenomenon of fissile materials in spent nuclear fuel disposal in geological formations in the European North of Russia

Rakayev A.I., Neradovsky Yu.N., Chernousenko Ye.V., Morozova T.A.
Mineralogical and technological investigations of low-grade serpentinite copper-nickel ores, the Pechenga ore body

Rakayev A.I., Shumilov P.А.
Regularities of low-grade copper-nickel ores grinding in drum mills

Kozyrev А.А., Rybin V.V., Zhirov D.V., Bilin А.L., Vinogradov А.N., Kasparian E.V., Vinogradov Yu.A., Semyonova I.E., Zhirova A.M.
Methodological principles of effective and safe open-pit mining at deep horizons of mineral deposits

Semenova I.E., Zemtsovsky А.V.
Geomechanical substantiation of open-pit mining parameters for the V. Grib promising deposit

Kozyrev А.А., Rybin V.V., Semyonova I.E., Avetisyan I.М.
A study of the stress-strain state peculiarities of rock mass adjacent to large open-pit excavation

Yedigar'ev V.G., Leont'ev А.А.
Computer-based assessment of ore recovery indices for non-uniformly mineralized deposits

Kozyrev S.А., Osintseva А.V.
Computer-aided design of underground mine ventilation

Kozyrev A.А., Kasparian E.V.
Savchenko S.N., The principles of geomechanical monitoring of linearly-extended objects (as applied to oil-and-gas pipelines)

Beloborodov V.I., Zakharova I.B., Andronov G.P., Filimonova N.М.
Flotation technology for low-ferruginous apatite-bearing ores, the Kovdor deposit

Gubinsky N.О.
Rock mass rating by D. Lobshir’s geomechanical classification for conditions of

Kozyrev A.А., Kasparian E.V., Zhirov D.V., Smagina Yu.G.
The Saamsky fault (the Khibiny massif) – an abnormal nature of the recent deformations

Amosov P.V., Novozhilova N.V.
Underground hydrosphere pollution analyzed for different scenarios of evolution of an underground radioactive materials disposal facility

Amosov P.V.
Analysis of coefficients of tracer concentration reduction by protective barriers

Naumov А.V.
On study of possibility to mitigate severe accident effects at an underground spent nuclear fuel disposal facility

Naumov V.А., Gusak S.А.
Storage of problematic types of spent fuel of nuclear power units in containers: Aspects of thermal safety

Naumov V.A., Karavaeva E.V
Assessment of critical mass formation in containers with spent nuclear fuel

Mesyats S.P., Volkova Ye.Yu.
Substantiation of ways of preservation of anthropogenic mineral raw materials stored in tailings dumps

Mesyats S.P., Shemyakina А.B.
Activation of the microbiological reduction processes in oxidation of fuel-oil contaminated soils

Mesyats S.P., Ostapenko S.P.
The morphologically-changed vermiculite surface – the way to produce oil-sorbents

Kazakov L.A., Pereverzev V.N.
Chamin V.A., Soil formation on seaboard sands of the White Sea (the Kola Peninsula)