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Vol 14, 2011, 3 No

Natural and Engineering Sciences

Grigor'eva O.P., Baeva L.S.
On the current state of shipbuilding

Yudin Yu.I., Ivanov V.V.
Variable components of influence of regular choppy sea on a vessel hull

Ivanov V.V.
Parameters of power influence of irregular choppy sea on vessel hull

Smirnov A.Zh., Sirotyuk A.A., Men'shikov V.I.
Resolution of problem situations with minimization of errors of results comparison when managing ship safety

Pashentsev S.V.
Generations of random process of irregular sea roughness for modelling the behaviour of an object at anchor

Korablyov V.G., Pashentsev S.V., Gololobov A.N.
Estimation of errors of deviations from track line at vessel steering using observation of two spaced points

Podobed N.E., Podobed V.A.
Safety of transfer operations in seaports at increased wind loads

Podobed N.E., Podobed V.A.
Safety of port cranes' operation in gale-strength wind

Golubev B.V., Shutov A.V., Kobylyansky I.G.
Theoretical and experimental research of outflow of cold air from shop-window cases

Golubev B.V., Shutov A.V., Kobylyansky I.G.
Electron leakage indicators for measuring freon leakage in refrigerating units

Vidin Yu.V., Kazakov R.V.
Approximate method of calculation of temperature distribution in combined radial rid of rectangular profile

Alloyarov K.B., Vlasov A.B., Shokina Yu.V.
Increase of smoke generator energy efficiency basing estimation of heat flows by the method of numerical thermography

Maslov A.A., Vlasov A.V., Kaychenov A.V., Vlasova A.R., Yatsenko V.V.
Method of autoclave’s optimal temperature control based on PI-regulator with prediction

Sergeev K.O., Zhukov A.S.
Analysis of reliability of main engine dampers of vessels (the "Alpinist" project) by torsiographing

Osintseva A.V., Kozyrev S.A.
Substantiation study of effective mine ventilation plans and optimization of regulator parameters by means of genetic algorithm

Veselov A.E., Yaroshevich V.V., Fastiy G.P.
Improving the efficiency of industrial power supply systems using current-limiting devices

Prokhorenkov A.M., Kachala N.M.
Forecasting models for control systems of heat-and-power engineering objects

Karnachev I.P., Zhirov V.K., Zagvozdina O.I., Krymskaya M.M.
Ecological and hygienic evaluation of environment in the location of the Khibiny ore mining and processing enterprise

Gasanov R.B., Zhirov V.K.
Effect of low temperatures on higher plants fenorhythms of urbanized northern ecosystems

Kuz'min A.V., Poloskova E.Yu., Goncharova O.A.
Temporal intervals of temperature factors influence on formation of radial increments in pine stands of the Kola region

Gontar O.B., Svyatkovskaya E.A., Trostenyuk N.N., Zhirov V.K.
Stages of development and analysis of assortment of ornamental arboreal plants for urbanized territories of the Kola North

Borovichev E.A.
Growth forms of liverworts (Marchantiophyta) of Lapland State Reserve (the Murmansk region)

Kozyrev A.A., Kalashnik A.I., Kaspar'yan E.V., Savchenko S.N.
Conception of organization of geodynamic monitoring of oil and gas facilities of the Western sector of Russian Arctic

Verkhovtsev A.Yu.
Some aspects of higher education availability for physically disabled students

Khaliullina D.N., Masloboev A.V.
Technology and software system of information support of small-scale scientific-innovation enterprise strategic development

Amosov P.V., Novozhilova N.V.
Situation modelling for forecasting underground hydrosphere contamination

Amosov P.V.
Results of numerical modelling of underground hydrosphere contamination at zero distribution of head at output boundaries

Bedrina M.E., Egorov N.V., Kuranov D.Yu.
Research of structure and vibration spectra of zinc phthalocyaninates and zinc porphyrin using a high performance computing complex

Gurin A.V., Kalityonkov A.N., Kalityonkov N.V., Milkin V.I.
On model distribution of electron concentration in high latitude ionosphere

Milkin V.I., Kalityonkov N.V., Gurin A.V.
Innovation approach to creating array antennas

Botova M.G., Martynenko O.V., Namgaladze A.A.
Numerical modeling of the ion temperature influence